Sunday’s New & Revisit: Salt Point

Making our almost annual visit to Mendocino, we just had to stop at Salt Point. The waves were high and the easy and wheelchair accessible trail has been repaired.

Looking north from the parking lot is what alerted me to the trail repair.

Salt Point trailhead a

In a short distance, the road-like trail was fully soggy.

Salt Point old trail sog b

And the trail closer to the cliff’s edge was wet too. Making the new trail even more appealing even if it is only a 1/2 mile loop.

Salt Point coastal trail sog c

Since we had already walked several miles earlier in the morning, we were okay with a dry even path.

Salt Point new trail north d

We did take time to study the waves. Huge and magnificent.

Salt Point waves h

Hope there are more plans for repaired trails as they have been severely eroded and as quite soggy. Meantime, this is a perfect wave watching spot.





See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar

More Salt Point: The uphill portion of the park is on the other side of Hwy 1. In geological terms the area is a series of uplifted plateaus. One place to hike is to the top plateau, where the pygmy trees grow. You can feel you’re in Florida or New Jersey, with white ground and small pines.

for another visit click on Salt Point

Parking: $8 day use. Buy a pass or vote for the vehicle registration fee in November.

Bathroom: July 1st all the bathrooms should be open. Until then, only the one by the campground are open. (As of Jan 2014, the bathrooms are all open!) (Still open in 2016!)

Dogs: No dogs. – okay on paved roads and parking lots with leash.


meanwhile back to walking…

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