Navarro River Beach & Mendocino Townlife

After the requisite stop at Salt Point, lunch at Trinks, and shopping across the street in Gualala – we stopped at the beach on the Navarro River and the Pacific Ocean.

Navarro River Beach

Most of Navarro River Redwoods State Park‘s 700 acres run along the the river.

More Navarro River Beach

Pomo Indians occupied the land for thousands of years. Scottish Captain Charles Fletcher came and took over in 1851, opening an inn.  He sold some of the land in 1860 to a lumber mill. The mill then shipped the lumber from a pier on the river. There was also rail service in the area. Pier and rail now gone. Seeing the jumble of giant logs and picnic tables, I could imagine how the trees moved down river.

Jumbled tables NavarroThe area is usually tidy with camping spots defined by logs and tables – just not after a lot of rain and a roaring river.
Big trees at Navarro

Signs explain the fight for public access. (Well, not giving it back to the Pomos kind of access.) The history and fight for access is long and storied – see history under Navarro River Redwoods.

More Navarro River Beach

Navarro River

On the site, the  lumber mill suffered a fire in 1890 and closed in 1893, while Captain Fletcher continued to run his inn. He died in 1902 and his family ran it until 1935. Other business were established in the area until the 1980s, including the Navarro-by-the-Sea.

Navarro Inn

The State of California acquired part of the property with the old Mill House in 1980 and in 1996 Captain Fletcher’s Inn. For more information, visit the Navarro River Redwoods State Park.

More Navarro Inn

Continuring north

Then in Mendocino, we saw a storm from the street and from our room in Mendocino Hotel. We didn’t do much walking here except to eat – but that’s a worthy cause and the views were marvelous.

Mendocino storm


Mendocino sunset

Mike’s picture of the storm

M Mendo storm

and the town.

M Mendo town

Then there was a beautiful sunrise. (Mike’s shot.)

M Mendo sunrise


And a little later.

Mendocino Morning Mendocino cove morning

After breakfast, we went to Ft Bragg for some walking, came back to Mendocino for shopping and more eating…

Another year’s visit.

Navarro rustic


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