Walking to Lunch in Maui, Hawaii

We just got back from Maui, and I’m sorting through the pictures trying to make sense of it all. I thought I could do posts on the fly, but just didn’t have time – except for those sunsets on Facebook.

Lots of walks for window-shopping and to lunch. Okay, there are some walks I will post in the following days.


Kula isn’t a town clearly marked but where we found a few charming places to stop. (We went back another day to eat at the Kula Bistro on Lower Kula and to the Kula Botanical Gardens.) This first day, we went to the upper route to Kula Lodge. From the dining room we had a good view of the isthmus that connects the two volcanoes of Maui. Past the dark green trees, the bright green marks acres of sugar cane. The clouds surround West Maui mountains that include an older extinct volcano. The restaurant, market and hotel sit below Haleakala.

View from Kula Lodge

Down the stairs is the pizza oven and some elaborate seating of brick and stone.

Kula Lodge brick oven etc

Our table was decorated with a protea in yellow and red. Too large for both in one picture.



This charming town is upcountry. It means it’s surrounded by ranch and agricultural land and part way up to Haleakala (the 10k’ volcano). We enjoyed coffee, shops and galleries in the few blocks of town.

Makawao street Makawao shops

We met up with our first chicken – this one keeping track of many chicks and running away before I could get her good side.

Chicken and chicks

Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center

Between Makawao and Pa’ia is this Arts Center located on a former sugar plantation. I’ll write more about sugar on Maui, but here Henry Baldwin’s son and his wife had this elegant home built in 1917. Later the daughter-in-law and her daughter started Hui Noeau (“coming together for the development of artistic skill”), a group of 20 women who drew, painted and created ceramics.


Hui Noeau is now a nonprofit community-based organization. We were there at a time to enjoy a art show and peek at the grounds and a history room. (Can you see the resident cat guarding the art work?)Art exhibitexterior view Hui Noeau

Looked like an elegant movie setting. Here and in Makawao we had our first rain showers. Most of lower and coastal Maui was sunny and hot.

We decided we liked upcountry best on Maui. But next post will be on Lahaina with more walking/shopping/eating. We will return to visit Kula Botanical Garden.

Aloha and Mahalo,


Words and pictures by Lynn Millar.

Published by Lynn Millar

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