Walking University of Oregon Campus – Eugene

We recently visited Eugene, Oregon again. The campus of the University is beautiful for its landscapes and buildings. While I was trying to take a picture of something, I turned around to find this amazing humungous flowering bush.


This post from our visit to University of Oregon in Eugene was posted in August 2014.

Visiting Eugene, Oregon before gave us a taste for the place, but this time we explored a little deeper.

The best place to start is the campus of the University of Oregon. It is 295 acres with 3000 trees – and many lawns, flowers and bushes. Founded in 1876 there are buildings of history – and it’s success means plenty of new construction.

Take a tour (2 hours) or wander aimlessly. Perfect for us, as it is fairly flat.

UO campusBuildings come big (often with an O)

UO building
Or with odd details

UO buildingOr in hidden courtyards

UO Waterfall sculptureOr you could just study the flower beds.

flower beds UO

On campus is the Schnitzer Art Museum and the Museum of Natural and Cultural History. This history museum looks innocent on the outside but is large and packed with a range of information from native life to evolution to volcanoes.

Natural & Cultural History UO

The courtyard outside sports excellently labeled plants (you know, you can see and read them) – and a respite for young students enjoying a day camp at the museum. That day’s project was fossils.

Natural & Cultural History UO

You might know the University of Oregon for its sports and its design features. Each year the football team seems to have new garish/exciting uniform colors and designs. Perhaps it started with the success of Steve Prefontaine, a UO athlete and an Olympic runner who held 7 records in 2,000 to 10,000 meter events until 1975. At UO, he was coached by Bill Bowerman – founder of Nike. Hence your connection from UO to design.

UO Track Field

I had been noticing all the different kinds of Nikes people were wearing (also lots of sandals and Adidas) – red, plaid, blue purple, black with red sole, grey, black with neon green and then we saw a huge picnic and lines of young people converging on the food. All different Nikes…my mind was boggled.

Nike on UO campus

And the O abounds in bike racks

O bike rack

Or across the Willamette River and Alton Baker Park on Autzen Stadium (football)

Big O on Autzen Stadium

More on the river trails and parks next time…

Oops a few more buildings. The Knight Center (Matthew not Phil of Nike fame) for basketball and concerts.

Knight Center UO

And my favorite with an infinity pool all around. Gorgeous night or day.

Jacqua Academic

Jacqua Center UO


Jacqua corner moat

Besides the buildings and graphic panache, University of Oregon is environmentally conscious. I couldn’t pass up this collection of receptacles: trash, 4 kinds of recycle and a compost deposit.

compost UOSee you next time on the river paths.

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn & Mike Millar – available upon request.

snowberry UO


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