Looking for Little Free Libraries

We were in Rogue River, Oregon (a small town between Medford and Grants Pass) on Memorial Day weekend. This little Free Library and home were well decorated.

Do you have a little free library near you?

Rogue River free library l

The following was originally,  posted in November 2015

In my travels and in walking around town, I have found many little libraries. Leave a book, take a book. Mightily designed and oozing with charm – how can you resist.

A fellow writer -Jack Fender- recently built and put this little red library up in Rohnert Park – the first one there and very official looking. Pamela Fender sent me the picture. Jack is the librarian and he’s put a light inside for nighttime visitors – or for the afternoon with the end of Daylights Savings Time.


In my walks in the McDonald neighborhood, I found this one at the south end

McD Spring St 6-15 a

And this one at the north end. Multi-story with heat?

McD Spencer near Pacific 6-15 a

In a secluded neighborhood above Bodega Harbor is this library with a reading room

Bodega Harbor hilltop library 10-14

A reading room, also came with this basic one in Port Costa. A magazine rack is on the side.

Port Costa reading room w garden 5-15

They come highly decorated as this little library in Pacific Grove with beach colors and sea shells

PG Prettiest Library

or with humorous intent as this one I found in Santa Barbara. (The house behind it is even more colorful.)

Santa Barbara 2-15

Or placed next to an excellent restaurant (Haute Enchilada) in Morro Bay. Perfect for the solo diner.

7-15 Morro Bay Haute Enchilada

Do you have a Little Library near you?

To make it all official, there’s a registry at Little Free LibrariesYou can get a sign, supplies and building instructions etc.

For cases of the evil criminality of a little library – see Wrong Side of the Law. If they are on private property in Sonoma County, the powers in the county don’t care.

Port Costa mag rack 5-15

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20 thoughts on “Looking for Little Free Libraries

      1. Actually, Jack checks each book in, so he is the librarian.
        This red library also has lighting, so one can browse when it’s dark outside.

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