Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk

We often visit Doran Beach. It’s an easy sand walk when the tide is low and the rhythm of the ocean is calming and exciting. I took these pictures last Saturday on a busy day with many people, dogs and equipment for land and water. We walked and then…

Busy day Doran

We hunkered down in the dunes for a time and just watched.

Doran dunes

The following was originally posted March 2014: Even with the newly paved road along the beach, we like to visit via the Birdwalk at Cheney Creek. Still part of Doran Beach Regional Park, it allows access through the wetland and can be a great birdviewing spot.

Since I’ve been practicing with my new phone/camera, these pictures are more utilitarian than beautiful as Mike supplies. (Gray pictures are from February and sunny pictures from March 2014)

From the parking lot at Birdwalk, there are two paved ramps up to the trail.

Trailhead for Birdwalk at Cheney Gulch

There are two ponds with elevated dirt and gravel trails surrounding them. A few benches provide excellent viewing across Bodega Harbor.

Loop path at Birdwalk

The trail left leads down to a bridge that crosses Cheney Creek. You can see .4 mi to the Beach. (Thank you Coastal Conservancy and Coastwalk.)

Trail split creek or loop

Then the raised trail crosses the wetland area. We usually go to the beach at low tide, but we have sat here to watch the tide rise and fall.

Cheney Creek Bridge

Trail to Bridge over Cheney Gulch

Trail to Doran Beach

View to Harbor from Cheney Creek

View from Cheney Creek to Bodega Harbor

Across the main road is a parking lot and the trail over the dune to the beach. (Note the hitching rail to tie up you horse. Horseback riding is okay near this point towards the end of the beach below the golf course.)

Doran Beach entrance

Remember the red marker so you can find your way back.

Trail marker at Doran Beach

Don’t forget to look around. Here’s a view to Tomales Point.

View from Doran Beach to Tomales Pt

And one to Bodega Head.

View form Doran Beach to Bodega Head

And don’t forget to watch the waves (as in, WATCH OUT – they can get you) and check out the sand formations.

Hope you have a great time at the beach and on the trail. There are many ways to have a great time here from kite-flying, to surfing to walking the dog (on leash).

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar

Here are some basics and links to our other beach visit.

Fee:  Use your annual Sonoma County Regional Park pass or pay the $7/vehicle fee.

Parking: Just north on Hwy 1 from the main entrance to Doran Beach.

Benches: Several around the ponds, along the trail towards the beach and at most parking lot areas.

Picnic: Tables at parking lot, many protected tables near large bathroom hallway along the road to jetty and at the end.

Bathroom: portapottie at the parking lot and at most of the parking lots within the park.

Camping: RV and tent camping available. Register at park website.

The usual photographer and our dog.

Mike and Cole at Doran Beach


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