Winery Walks: Think Lavender at Matanzas Creek Winery

We recently visited Matanzas Creek Winery – just before a big event. The lavender was gorgeous and the wine was pretty good too. Please visit soon before the lavender is harvested.

uphill lavender

downhill lavender

Originally posted in June 2014: If it’s June, think about visiting Matanzas Creek Winery in the Bennett Valley in Sonoma County.

Thought we had covered this before, but only briefly in Winery Walking  and in Mike’s great picture.

Mantanzas Creek Winery LavendarThis year’s contrast of photographer to lavender.

Matanzas photo bocce

The lavender is not quite as spectacular as in previous years. This year, due to the drought and subsequently less watering, the lavender is a little smaller. But it’s still beautiful.

Large oaks shade the tasting room terrace and deck. Lavender surrounds a bocce court. And mounds of lavender seem to cascade down the slope – that used to be lawn.


The lavender is near its peak – visit soon – festival at the winery is the end of June.

Oh, and they do have wine too. Matanzas Creek Winery has Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. You can go for tastings, cheese pairings and special tours. You won’t be sorry.

Yes, we did taste some wines and bought some too.

See you in the garden!

Words by Lynn Millar, pictures by Lynn & Mike Millar, available upon request

Later in the year you can buy lavender. Soap etc are for sale now.

Matanzas lavender umbrellas


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