First Walk and Last – Spring Lake

Many years ago, Mike and I walked at Spring Lake where at first I had a tough time making it up the dam. Over the years my stamina increased even though I had more and more health challenges. Walking in the beautiful places of Sonoma County and California has certainly helped me physically and mentally and soulfully.

boat launch Spring Lake

I am preparing for total knee replacement tomorrow. So walking will become a new challenge for a while. Things have been slow on the blog lately (you may have noticed) and they will be much slower in the next few months.

Here’s a couple of pictures from our walk at Spring Lake last weekend. The swimming lagoon is hopping with youthful energy and the other side of the lake brings peace. (Note: It costs money to play on the equipment in the lagoon, but swimming outside is still okay. It costs money to launch a boat now besides the park entrance fee. You have your annual pass right?)

Swimming lagoon Spring Lake

I have updated a few old posts lately. Check out these links.

Sonoma Valley

Doran Beach

See you on the trail!

Lynn Millar


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16 thoughts on “First Walk and Last – Spring Lake

  1. Thank you, Lynn (& Mike) for all the glimpses into beautiful spots throughout Sonoma County & beyond for this non-walker. I’ve always enjoyed your blog (and shared it, as well).

    Many blessings for that new knee to carry you forward & upward!


  2. Thank you, Lynn, for these and all your posts. Wish you a successful surgery and quick recovery.


  3. Hope your knee replacement goes well. I’m glad you are having that done. It will enable you to hike again and enjoy the trails. I had one two and a half years ago and now have over 3500 miles on the new knee. It let me hike the high trails of western Montana that I love so much. The rehab was relatively quick but not entirely painless, but so worthwhile! It’s wonderful that such a thing is possible and that it works so well! Best of luck!

    1. I’m doing quite well. Pain is down. Swelling is down. I climbed a flight of stairs today (and went back down). Need some more range and strength though. — Lynn

  4. I will miss seeing your posts and blog – I pretend I am walking with you while I sit at my desk working. You inspire me. I have several friends who have done hi and knee replacements – one did the Climate Walk after her knees were replaced – – in her late 70s and still walking because of those new knees. Jeep on truckin’ and I look forward to when you are on the trail again. Keep your site live so we can follow your lead and walk while you rest up and heal.

    1. Thank you for your comments Vesta. After 10 days, I feel a lot more energy. Zipping around the house and short trips out the door. I think I’ll be out on trail soon — Lynn

  5. So many positive comments from you here, Lynn – and they’re so good to read. Hope you’re zipping even more and that your short trips have gotten longer! I had a “total right hip replacement,” in 2011 and still am loving’ the new TRH, but hips are a piece of cake compared to knees, I’ve always heard. Don’t envy you the need for the knee, but know if it comes to that, I’ll consider myself lucky if I can have one. Wishing you a total and complete speedy return to the trail. And ALL the BEST.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. I’m at 6 weeks from surgery as of today. Still walking funny and leg is somewhat swollen, but each day is better. I can’t wait to walk in the ‘real’ world again.

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