Walking with a Cane

Six weeks from total knee replacement, I’m walking to restaurants and stores and physical therapy class/appointments.

Last week in Petaluma. (For a previous walk go to Petaluma River.)

Petaluma River

And while we were having Fogust, it was sunny one afternoon and I was able to take a short walk on the boardwalk at Doran Beach. This the view towards the golf course.

Doran Beach to Golf Course

This view to Bodega Head.

Doran Beach to Bodega Head

For one of our previous visits go to Doran Beach. Btw it should be sunnier the California coast from now on. For Bodega Bay we check the sun at Bodega Ocean Observation Node.

I think it will be a while before any new treks but I hope to stay in touch.

Published by Lynn Millar

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16 thoughts on “Walking with a Cane

  1. Good to see you are up and about! Hang in there, it just gets better and better as you work on the rehab. I’m so happy every day after I received a new knee! Soon hiking will be fun again!

    All of my best for you!

  2. I’m not only inspired by the beautiful photos of your recent walk, but your commitment to recovery so that you can resume your longer walks and tell us more about your experiences. I always love to read your blog!

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