Kortum Trail One More Time

We’ve been walking the Kortum Trail for years and have posted many times. Click Kortum for a sample of walks. Due to getting a dog – dogs are not allowed on this trail – and now with my knee surgery – we haven’t visited recently – but the draw was strong.

Starting at Shell Beach and using my walking poles, I managed to walk to the end of the first boardwalk.

Lynn at Kortum

The entire Kortum Trail goes from Goat Rock near Jenner to Wright’s Beach. Most of it is cliff top, with a couple of dips to the beach. From Shell Beach parking lot heading north one could go a mile without any elevation challenges – if that is a concern for you as it has been for me.

Kortum Trail boardwalk

Overlook marker

Kortum ocean south

Since I couldn’t travel far, I did look at the vistas and took time to notice many bees working the thistles.

Kortum thistle w/bees

I love this part of the trail because it is more raw nature than I usually get to see. It’s an excellent place to walk in the fall without the summer’s fog.

Don’t forget more Kortum walks and crossing Hwy 1 to go up to Red Hill or over to Pomo Canyon.

See you on the trail!

Pictures by Mike and Lynn Millar.

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6 thoughts on “Kortum Trail One More Time

  1. I know exactly what you’re going through with the knee. I had my left one replaced 8 years ago. That recovery was hard, but totally worth it. Good for you with the walks!

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