Another Visit to Cornerstone – er, Sunset Magazine

Keeping with my dining out and short walks, we visited Cornerstone in Sonoma to see what had changed with Sunset Magazine moving in.

CornerStone Sonoma l

Some of the gardens designed by various artists and landscapers, still exist. Tasting room, shops and restaurant Park 121 are still there. Sunset has taken over areas behind the second building. They also have an outdoor test kitchen.


The gardens are divided into backyard, farm and cocktail garden (to name a few).

Cocktail garden

The look is still lush looking with a tree sculpture from the previous garden.

Sunset backyard garden

And some new sculptures.

Cornerstone sculpture

These gardens and others still exist.

cs rail

cs l Globe

More information, click Cornerstone and Sunset at Cornerstone.

Go for a walk or book your next event or enjoy a Sunset event.

See you on the trail!



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