New Coastal Prairie Trail

Seems I have lost a post about a new trail connecting the Bodega Bay Community Center to the Bodega Dunes in 2014. A gentle wide trail of packed sand and gravel makes it an easy for us challenged walkers, those looking to add to their hikes and a those wanting a safer bike ride. At least I found a picture from December 2014.

boardwalkOn a trip this past Thursday we headed north after our Bodega Bay lunch we looked for an easy short walk on that trail – the day before the rains were starting. We parked just off Hwy 1 at entrance to Bodega Dunes and realized another new section had been finished. (I have  not been paying attention lately.} Now one can walk from the Community Center to a small cluster of houses near Salmon Creek in a 1.1 mile distance. (More sections will be added.)

A gorgeous bridge is dedicated to Liz Burko, State Parks’ Sonoma-Mendocino District manager, State Parks Superintendent and Bodega Bay resident. She unfortunately passed away in 2015.

Burko bridge

We had chosen the trail since it was a windy cold day and it didn’t disappoint to protect us. It provided vistas on the prairie with the easy walk if not an ocean view.

Coastal Prairie

Once we got to Keefe Ave., we could see the ocean. We did not continue on the streets to Salmon Creek. But you could continue down to the northern entrance of the Bodega Dunes and a view across the creek.

There are a couple of parking spaces for the trail on Keefe. Here’s the trailhead sign.

Coastal Prairie trail sign

We met several people on the trail. This one was headed from the neighborhood to the Community Center. It was cold heading into the wind of the coming storm.

heading south

We are looking forward to more of this trail being completed to and along Bodega Bay.

Does anyone know where the farmers market has moved to? Seems the parking for the new trail took things over.

Below is information about the bell tower for Nicholas Green from an earlier post.

See you on the trail!

Words by Lynn Millar

Photos by Mike Millar
Before we left, we visited the Bell Memorial to Nicholas Green. Nicholas, at age 7, was shot in Italy in by highway robbers. After his parents donated his organs, the people of Italy donated 140 bells in thanks for that gift of life. Please stop and offer your thoughts and wishes for all children.

Nicholas Green Bell Memoiral





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