Walking Jack London

Well, this trip was also a while ago but intervening new knee, broken leg and election that all behaved badly – it’s taken too much time to write again. For the lowdown on where I’ve been or not been this past year please see Not Walking.

Jack London State Historic Park

We love London State Park in Glen Ellen, CA and come here as often as possible. The Valley of the Moon Natural History Association  is doing a great job of managing this 750 acre park and providing services the state could never fund. Check out their site for information, tour times and where your dog can walk on leash.

I was walking more easily at the end of December, so we could visit for the first time in months. We had a little of fall season

and a little spring.

Besides the beauty and the history of this park and the Beauty Ranch section, I was hoping I would be inspired to return to writing. Here’s Charmian’s sleeping porch in the cottage. She typed her husband’s illegible (to me) writing. Jack London wrote 1000 words/day. Could I?

We took a little docent tour of the building next to the cottage that houses a large entertainment lounge and the kitchen.

And for the first time we got another peek at the Londons’ life or the servants’ life – the laundry room. Most rustic place in the park, other than the places in ruins.

For the more industrious of you – the trails that go up the hill to the Alpine Lake and beyond. The main trail is part of the Bay Ridge Trail. The trails also link to the Sonoma Mountain Trail. Some people park one car on one side of the hill and drive around to the other side and hike back. It’s a tough 8 miles. More information? Just click London to Sonoma. I think I’d recommend hiking up the trail and down the Sonoma Mountain side for the views of the Santa Rosa plain.

See you on the trail!?


Words and pictures by Lynn, some pictures by Mike.

For our other posts at London : Walking where Jack London Lived and Beauty Ranch.

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