Salt Point One Last(?) Time

In January, we went to Salt Point on the Sonoma Coast. It was last day of our state park pass. (We were not renewing. That may seem odd for this is one of our favorite parks, but we just don’t go to state parks that often. We’re very provincial with our regional park pass.)

But I digress. Beauty is beauty. The waves in Gerstle Cove can be mesmerizing. It is also a marine reserve and the small visitors center overlooks the cove.

The short trail that is wheelchair accessible had been repaved.

The trail curves around some fine examples of the the rocky coast, carved and uplifted.

We didn’t go much further than the paved path as the winter rains had left the trail very wet – a river runs through it. This is not an uncommon problem in the winter and spring when the water runs down the mountains and across this plain.

As I was still  not walking well – this vista would have to do anyway.

I love the coast at any time of year. Remember that the fall is a great time to visit the coast – the sea shines blue.

Links to our other walks: The One and Only Salt Point, and What the Tafoni.

Or visit the state’s website about Salt Point

More Salt Point trails: From the main parking lot you can hike to Stump Cove, to Fisk Mill and Horseshoe Cove.

The uphill portion of the park is on the other side of Hwy 1. In geological terms the area is a series of uplifted plateaus. One place to hike is to the top plateau, where the pygmy trees grow.

Directions: 18 miles north of Jenner

Walking Distance: 2.5 mile round trip to Stump Cove

Parking: $8 day use. Buy annual pass – there are different passes at different price levels now.

Visitor Center: Open on weekends 10-3. Will introduce to the underwater park, Gerstle Cove Marine Reserve

Wheelchair accessible: Picnic grounds. Only the first short paved path at the ocean parking lot.

Bathroom: At campgrounds, picnic grounds, and near the ocean.

Dogs: No dogs. – okay on paved roads and parking lots with leash.

Camping, Horseback riding and fishing: Please check the park’s website.

See you on the trail!

Words and pictures by Lynn Millar

Published by Lynn Millar

Walker, reader, writer, traveller - see About Walking

5 thoughts on “Salt Point One Last(?) Time

    1. HI Ann – dogs are allowed in the parking lot and on the short paved trail. Regional Park at Gualala makes a fine substitute – plus you get to walk along coast at Sea Ranch.

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