Fires and more Fires

Updates as of November 12th – All evacuations centers are closed. Finley Center starting recreational classes again. Clean up is well under way. Deadline for toxic clean up is tomorrow.

The night of October 8, 2017 a number of fires started in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties. The conditions were ripe for fires to start and spread quickly in firestorm fashion. We personally were very lucky only losing power for two days. We were ready to evacuate, but we weren’t under an order. The air was filled with smoke for days and we escaped to Bodega Bay to have fresh air for a few hours on several afternoons. We had friends, ex-coworkers, family of friends who lost everything. Houses burned completely to the ground. Over 100k acres burned with over 6500 structures destroyed and 42 lives lost.

The fires are now 100% contained. Below is some information on Parks – some badly damaged and still closed. Also below is some other information about the fires and recovery.

I tried to write about the experience, but since the personal impact was small compared to others, it seemed inconsequential. Today, I came across an article that well describes the power and destruction of one of the fires – and the impact on so many lives.


A monster firestorm became unstoppable almost as soon as it started

by By Kevin Fagan, Jill Tucker, Lizzie Johnson, Peter Fimrite, Marissa Lang, Kurtis Alexander, Esther Mobley, and Michael Cabanatuan


State Parks

Annadel State Park and Sugarloaf Ridge State Park all were severely damaged. Sugarloaf notice. Trione-Annadel.

Santa Rosa City Parks

The Finley Center at W. College and Stony Point had been an evacuation center. The swim center has reopened. As of November 4th, the Finley Center is the last of the evacuation centers. Recreations programs might restart soon. Steele Lane activities start again on Monday October 23rd. Other park information.

Regional Parks

All parks are open to the West of Hwy 101. Foothill is open. Crane Creek and North Sonoma Mountain have opened. All others closed. See Park List for closures.

Random Information

Sonoma County centralized information for recovery: Recover

Map of structures burned or damaged in the fire. California had many fires in October see Cal Map

Scope: 6492 homes and businesses in Santa Rosa destroyed. More damaged. Forty dead. 23 here. 220,000 acres from all the Northern California Fires. 110,000 of those acres here. Current status of fires here. (Last updated October 30th).  We now have 100% containment on all fires.

Kaiser Hospital evacuated patients in the early Monday morning hours surrounded by fire. Kaiser and Sutter Hospital are now open.




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9 thoughts on “Fires and more Fires

  1. I’m glad that you were not much affected Lynn. I spent hours each day reading the new updates in the Press Democrat and finding the locations with Google Maps.

  2. That SF Chron is about the best article I have seen; thank you for posting it. But I could only read part of it for now, even though I live in Petaluma. I wish I had gone to the coast like you guys wisely did, though.

    1. It might take time. We came back through Sonoma Valley on Tuesday up Arnold Dr and then off in Glen Ellen to Santa Rosa. I couldn’t believe how much was burned – and burned completely. Wow. I wasn’t ready yet to see all that destruction.

  3. The implication that all regional parks east of 101 are closed, except for two, is untrue. Foothill is open, for example. Better to say that as of 10/31, only four parks are closed.

    1. You’re right. I originally wrote this around the 20th when that was the word. And then gave up. I tried to correct information but this slipped by. The park list link has the closed parks.

    1. People are slowly finding housing. Debris is getting cleaned up. Parks are opening. It will take so long. The other evening in the dark we drove through a neighborhood that was gone – even that was painful. But people are working together and we will recover. – Best Wishes to you on your season. Take care. – Lynn

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