Year End in Review Part II

See Part I Year in Review.

My best pictures continue—

My broken leg meant we cancelled a trip to Oregon in July, but we kept a date with a trip to Nevada and southern Utah in September. First stop was Las Vegas where we enjoyed the rugged geology of the desert and an evening’s trip to ‘Venice.’

First to Red Rock Canyon, a short distance west of Las Vegas. We didn’t walk much as we had trouble with the 100 degree temperatures. Great interpretive center though.

At night we took a side trip to Venice.

On our way out of town the next day, we took a route near the Valley of Fire. Enough fire for us with the heat.

Our drive to Southern Utah was amazing, but Bryce Canyon called first for a real visit. Driving along a ridge, we stopped at a series of overlooks. I was amazed at the distance I could see of repeating plauteaus and canyons. That land goes to the Grand Canyon.

The next day we went to Zion National Park, where we looked up instead of out.

Zooming along on our way back home, we left southern Utah. We had to make a stop in Las Vegas again and dashed through Death Valley. Not very welcoming but spectacular.

More haunting was a stop at Manzanar, a detention camp of 10,000 Japanese during World War II. Museum is a true learning experience of this horrible part of our history.

Mike wanted to continue up Hwy 395 on the backside of the Sierra Nevadas. After an uncharacteristic day, where we made an unplanned stop at Manzanar, the next day we decided while in the neighborhood to go to Mammoth Lakes. An area of ski resorts, in fall, it lacked the bustle. We took a short walk to the Devil’s Postpile.

Next, we went June Lake that Mike had seen in a magazine and found the more charming Silver Lake where we stopped for lunch.

Next – are you breathless? I’m getting winded just listing every stop we made one day. Here’s Mono Lake.

We thought, “why not stop at South Lake Tahoe” on the way to our last stop of the day. So we did. The shoreline has been dressed up with promenades, picnic tables and nice spots to look at a beautiful lake. Whew!

And then there’s Halloween in Grass Valley and Nevada City – they know how to do it up.

Okay. Too much information. I think I’ll have to do Part III.

See you next time.



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