New Coastal Prairie Trail

Seems I have lost a post about a new trail connecting the Bodega Bay Community Center to the Bodega Dunes in 2014. A gentle wide trail of packed sand and gravel makes it an easy for us challenged walkers, those looking to add to their hikes and a those wanting a safer bike ride. At leastContinue reading “New Coastal Prairie Trail”

Another Visit to Cornerstone – er, Sunset Magazine

Keeping with my dining out and short walks, we visited Cornerstone in Sonoma to see what had changed with Sunset Magazine moving in. Some of the gardens designed by various artists and landscapers, still exist. Tasting room, shops and restaurant Park 121 are still there. Sunset has taken over areas behind the second building. They alsoContinue reading “Another Visit to Cornerstone – er, Sunset Magazine”

First Walk and Last – Spring Lake

Many years ago, Mike and I walked at Spring Lake where at first I had a tough time making it up the dam. Over the years my stamina increased even though I had more and more health challenges. Walking in the beautiful places of Sonoma County and California has certainly helped me physically and mentally andContinue reading “First Walk and Last – Spring Lake”

Recent visit: Sonoma Valley Walk

This has been a cool summer so we managed a walk at Sonoma Valley Regional in the afternoon. Amazing. The new plantings seem to be overwhelmed with weeds – hard to tell how they’re doing. The blackberries are creeping back. But the oaks and the grasses look just fine. It’s a great short walk onContinue reading “Recent visit: Sonoma Valley Walk”

Winery Walks: Think Lavender at Matanzas Creek Winery

We recently visited Matanzas Creek Winery – just before a big event. The lavender was gorgeous and the wine was pretty good too. Please visit soon before the lavender is harvested. Originally posted in June 2014: If it’s June, think about visiting Matanzas Creek Winery in the Bennett Valley in Sonoma County. Thought we hadContinue reading “Winery Walks: Think Lavender at Matanzas Creek Winery”

Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk

We often visit Doran Beach. It’s an easy sand walk when the tide is low and the rhythm of the ocean is calming and exciting. I took these pictures last Saturday on a busy day with many people, dogs and equipment for land and water. We walked and then… We hunkered down in the dunes forContinue reading “Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk”