Year End in Review (2017) Part III

Oh, I promise this is the last one. We just went so many places, even with a few months off, it has taken a long time to show off. Well it is only three posts and not twenty-something. To see Part I (local hills) and Part II (mostly Nevada, Southern Utah and Eastern California) AtContinue reading “Year End in Review (2017) Part III”


Year End in Review Part I

Since I never got to sharing many of our walks and probably won’t get around to it now – I thought, I could show you my best pictures. You can find more trail details on my site or on the famous Google. In February, we walked to the north end of the trail along theContinue reading “Year End in Review Part I”

New Coastal Prairie Trail

Seems I have lost a post about a new trail connecting the Bodega Bay Community Center to the Bodega Dunes in 2014. A gentle wide trail of packed sand and gravel makes it an easy for us challenged walkers, those looking to add to their hikes and a those wanting a safer bike ride. At leastContinue reading “New Coastal Prairie Trail”

Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk

We often visit Doran Beach. It’s an easy sand walk when the tide is low and the rhythm of the ocean is calming and exciting. I took these pictures last Saturday on a busy day with many people, dogs and equipment for land and water. We walked and then… We hunkered down in the dunes forContinue reading “Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk”

Tall Ships in Bodega Bay

The tall ships are back. They should arrive in Bodega Bay late on April 13th. Events are planned for the weekend. For more information, click Press Democrat. These pictures Mike took are from 2013. Directions: 1818 Westshore Rd. Bodega Bay. From Highway 1 north of Bodega Bay, head to the ocean on Westshore. Need a walk?Continue reading “Tall Ships in Bodega Bay”

Sunday’s Revisit: Walking into History at Fort Ross

This post is from two years ago – must be time to go again. If you’re going,check the links below for when the park is open to the public as there are seasonal and daily variations. Also park may be open but not the visitor center or the Call House. Having scanned all the familyContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Walking into History at Fort Ross”

Sunday’s Revisit: Everything’s Right at Wright’s

This post is from May 2010, but I’m very into spring and there’s no place like the bluffs between Wright’s Beach and Furlong Gulch for some beautiful wildflowers. Wrights Beach is downhill to the left after turning off of Hwy 1 north of Bodega Bay. There’s camping and miles of beach. This is part ofContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Everything’s Right at Wright’s”