Up the Valley and Down the Coast

Not that we spent much time going up the valley, we were anxious to get to Mendocino. We stopped for the obligatory pastry and coffee at the Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg. And on the drive, did our best to stay off  Highway 101. It got sunnier the farther north we went. At Cloverdale, we tookContinue reading “Up the Valley and Down the Coast”

SF: Golden Gate Park, Corona Heights etc.

This entry doesn’t so much describe a flat walk in San Francisco as to tell you there are some walks near where we went last weekend. Coming into town last Saturday, out intent was to climb Corona Heights, an unusual hill even for San Francisco. It was once quarried by the reputedly unscrupulous Gray brothers, who madeContinue reading “SF: Golden Gate Park, Corona Heights etc.”

How Hot is It? In Redding, CA.

Last weekend we went to Redding, CA up Hwy 5 in the far northern reaches of the state. People asked me, “Why would you go there? It’s so hot. What’s there?” The friendly people of Redding asked, “Santa Rosa? That’s near the ocean, right?” Well, it does get hot in Redding. It’s at the northContinue reading “How Hot is It? In Redding, CA.”

Walking at Whiskeytown

Go to the mountains? For a flat walk? Yes, isn’t California incredible? Last weekend we went north to the mountains. After several hours on the nerve-grinding, mind-numbing Hwy 5, a snow-topped mountain appeared. It was Mt. Shasta, the sign of a more geographically interesting place.

Anybody Can Go to Stanford – for a Walk

(see 2014 update below including maps) Last weekend we went to Palo Alto, home of relatives and Stanford University. The flat land from El Camino to the back end of the main campus make for acres of walking opportunities. Paths are wide and paved and while you may have to share with bikes, in manyContinue reading “Anybody Can Go to Stanford – for a Walk”

You’ll Never Walk Alone at San Francisco’s Presidio

When it gets hot, there are two choices: go to the ocean or go to San Francisco. On Sunday, we chose San Francisco. We were in need of some culture at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. After visiting the Impressionists’ Paris exhibit (see below) and having lunch, we went to the Presidio toContinue reading “You’ll Never Walk Alone at San Francisco’s Presidio”

Walking at Pt Richmond and Oakland Museum

We busted out of Sonoma County last Saturday and went to Pt Richmond and to the Oakland Museum in the East Bay. If you want a more typical walk, scroll down the post and read about Pt. Richmond. The Oakland Museum has some of Richmond’s history, so it is all tied together. Mike and IContinue reading “Walking at Pt Richmond and Oakland Museum”

A Weekend of Walks near Moss Landing

Leaving Sonoma County last Friday, we made several poor choices in roads and stops. The trip finally felt like it began after clearing the rise near Mt. Madonna on Hwy 152 and heading downhill into Watsonville with the ocean in view. Greenhouses both permanent and white-tarped arches over raspberries shone in the sun. This wasContinue reading “A Weekend of Walks near Moss Landing”