Walking the Jepson Prairie

So many wildflowers (and pictures) at Jepson Prairie and Healdsburg Ridge lately, I’ve been slow to choose some pictures and share. Just go there, now! The Jepson Prairie is over 1500 acres in the Sacramento Valley with vernal pools and extravagant spring flowers. This is almost how California’s Central Valley used to be. It’s a windyContinue reading “Walking the Jepson Prairie”

Presidio Walk, Not so Flat

Last week we tried some other parts of the San Francisco Presidio that are not so flat. (Previous walk on the flat part of the Presidio.) If we had stayed around Main Post, near the Visitor’s Center and the Officers’ Club, we might have managed. Down the parade grounds, in the picture below,  is San FranciscoContinue reading “Presidio Walk, Not so Flat”

Walking in Iao Valley

Not far from the airport and a busy town of Wailuku, is this beautiful now peaceful place called ʻĪao (pronounced ee-ow) Valley. This state monument honors the 1200′ high ʻĪao Needle (Kūkaemoku) and Hawaiian history. The park is only 6.2 acres but part of the West Maui Mountains, that we had earlier viewed from Lahaina. The paved trailContinue reading “Walking in Iao Valley”

Walking to the Sunset – Maui Style

The power of a sunset drew many people to walk to the beach and raise their phones to the setting sun. Some people hosted casual cocktail parties. At this one was the blowing of the conch. Sometimes the clouds provided color. And another night. And yet another. Aloha and Mahalo, Lynn Here’s a conch videoContinue reading “Walking to the Sunset – Maui Style”

Walking Kealia Pond, Wildlife Refuge

Returning from Lahaina on Hwy 310 we decided to make a late afternoon stop at Keālia Pond. A boardwalk goes over the pond and wetland behind the beach. The Hawaiian stilt and coot inhabit the pond. We did see some stilts. Other birds visit in migration. It was so very windy, the phone almost got blownContinue reading “Walking Kealia Pond, Wildlife Refuge”

Walking in Lahaina, Hawaii

Now, we’re still not talking walking – more strolling, lunching, window shopping, shade-sitting, cocktailing – you know, functional walking. However, Lahaina has a few sites to see, history to appreciate and shade or sun to be savored. This shoreline runs along Front Street, a place for shopping and dining. We also spotted a sea turtleContinue reading “Walking in Lahaina, Hawaii”

Navarro River Beach & Mendocino Townlife

After the requisite stop at Salt Point, lunch at Trinks, and shopping across the street in Gualala – we stopped at the beach on the Navarro River and the Pacific Ocean. Most of Navarro River Redwoods State Park‘s 700 acres run along the the river. Pomo Indians occupied the land for thousands of years. Scottish Captain Charles Fletcher cameContinue reading “Navarro River Beach & Mendocino Townlife”