Sunday’s Revisit: North Coast

Here’s a trip from five years ago, but we’re planning another January trip. What will we revisit and what will be new? Not that we spent much time going up the valley, we were anxious to get to Mendocino. We stopped for the obligatory pastry and coffee at the Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg. And onContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: North Coast”

Sunday’s Revisit: Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?

This post went out four years ago. The suggestions will still work just fine. Or maybe you have something to add? Low tide at Bodega Harbor is just before 11am – good for a morning walk. – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Where will you walk the first day of the year? I have a few suggestions.Continue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?”

Walking through Leopold’s Vision

On our way out of town and out of Wisconsin, we stopped at the Leopold Center in Baraboo. (Yes, that Leopold – to those of you who remember reading the Sand County Almanac back in the 70s.) Aldo Leopold generated ideas in the 1920s-40s for what would become the environmental movement. While in Arizona andContinue reading “Walking through Leopold’s Vision”

Walking with the Cranes

The International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin cares for 15 species of the world’s cranes. That’s all of the worlds’ s species. They also work with other organizations worldwide to learn about cranes and care for the environment crucial to these migratory birds. We started at the Visitor Center. The organization began here in 1973Continue reading “Walking with the Cranes”

Wisconsin Dells – with Boat Ride and some Walking

In summer, the Wisconsin Dells buzz with tourists. Our visit, the end of September, missed that activity and until leaving town, we hadn’t seen the humongous-spectacular-over-the-top-closed-for-season resorts. We did discover a beautiful area including a fun downtown and wonderful food (see below). While we waited for our boat, we took a short walk above the WisconsinContinue reading “Wisconsin Dells – with Boat Ride and some Walking”

Two Lakes and a Bridge – Wisconsin Walks

At the end of September, we were in Illinois for a gigantic family reunion down on the farm and stayed with a cousin in southern Wisconsin.  If the liveliness of over 120 relatives (some of them children running along the rolled hay bales) wasn’t enough, we also had tours of the Victorian farmhouse, photo booth, quiltContinue reading “Two Lakes and a Bridge – Wisconsin Walks”

Walking Chicago – well, a small part

We had the shortest time in Chicago, but the best of times. We visited the tiniest part from River North to Grant Park. It was all superlatives. When you think about cities what comes to mind are roads full of cars, horn honking and ambulance sirens and there was all that. But the street crossings areContinue reading “Walking Chicago – well, a small part”

Walking Oso Flaco Lake, Pismo Beach and Bob Jones Trail

We recently revisited the Pismo Beach area and walked through the Dinosaur Caves Park and along the coast north of town. Plenty of wind and brown pelicans. (We did not walk down the stairs to the tiny beach. But many did. Some to go kayaking.) The following was riginally posted in March 2015: We finallyContinue reading “Walking Oso Flaco Lake, Pismo Beach and Bob Jones Trail”

Mt Tamalpais Walk – the Easy Way

If one drives forever up Mt. Tamalpais to the East Peak, past bicyclists on a winding road, one gets to a flat trail that is less than a mile. It comes with great views. This one looks to San Francisco, with the fog just outside the Golden Gate to the right. The trail was namedContinue reading “Mt Tamalpais Walk – the Easy Way”

Walking on the (Carquinez) Strait

The Carquinez Strait Regional Park is 1,400 acres along the Sacramento River that comes in two parts. A new section, the George Miller Trail opened last fall for walkers and bicyclists and connects the two sections. It is another portion of the Bay Trail. With views of the Sacramento River on its way to SanContinue reading “Walking on the (Carquinez) Strait”