Year End in Review (2017) Part III

Oh, I promise this is the last one. We just went so many places, even with a few months off, it has taken a long time to show off. Well it is only three posts and not twenty-something. To see Part I (local hills) and Part II (mostly Nevada, Southern Utah and Eastern California) AtContinue reading “Year End in Review (2017) Part III”


Fires and more Fires

Updates as of November 12th – All evacuations centers are closed. Finley Center starting recreational classes again. Clean up is well under way. Deadline for toxic clean up is tomorrow. The night of October 8, 2017 a number of fires started in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties. The conditions were ripe for fires to startContinue reading “Fires and more Fires”

First Walk and Last – Spring Lake

Many years ago, Mike and I walked at Spring Lake where at first I had a tough time making it up the dam. Over the years my stamina increased even though I had more and more health challenges. Walking in the beautiful places of Sonoma County and California has certainly helped me physically and mentally andContinue reading “First Walk and Last – Spring Lake”

Winery Walks: Think Lavender at Matanzas Creek Winery

We recently visited Matanzas Creek Winery – just before a big event. The lavender was gorgeous and the wine was pretty good too. Please visit soon before the lavender is harvested. Originally posted in June 2014: If it’s June, think about visiting Matanzas Creek Winery in the Bennett Valley in Sonoma County. Thought we hadContinue reading “Winery Walks: Think Lavender at Matanzas Creek Winery”

When You Need a Short Walk

We went to the Farmers’ Market at Luther Burbank Center (yeah! it was never Wells Fargo in my words) Saturday. A chilly outing, but plenty of vegetables and citrus. More fruit later in the season. Crafts and other vendors too. It should get bigger as the season goes by. We wandered around the Center to lookContinue reading “When You Need a Short Walk”

Dog Parks in Santa Rosa, etc

This post was originally published in 2010. I’ve updated and added more dog parks both new parks and new to me. A separate post discusses more parks in the Petaluma area. We have adopted a dog (mostly poodle) since this post went out. He walks on leash with us in many places. At dog parks, if thereContinue reading “Dog Parks in Santa Rosa, etc”

Sunday’s Revisit: Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park

The ‘nature walk’ next to the creek will be a little soggy now, but you can walk around Sonoma State campus or walk along the creek past Spreckels Center and then all the way to Hwy 101.  This was written in April 2010. Spring is not what one expected this year. It seems we’ve been dodgingContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park”

Sunday’s Revisit: Santa Rosa Creek

I have written over 400 posts (okay, some of them songs, news and puzzles), You can use Search or the menus to find your place to walk. This post was the first walk in 2009. We still love it. What’s new? The northside trail has been paved and repaved. The Creek has been cleaned ofContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Santa Rosa Creek”

Walking Taylor Mountain Redtail Loop

Just a couple of weeks ago a new entrance and trail opened on Taylor Mountain. We were game last Friday, to try the new trail, even though it meant some steep incline and descent (for our flat standard). From a giant parking lot, overlooking Petaluma Hill Rd, the trail zigs and zags through the oaks,Continue reading “Walking Taylor Mountain Redtail Loop”

Walking Hunter Creek Trail

I had seen the trailhead from visits to Friedman’s Home Improvement, but didn’t put it high on my walk list. Undoubtedly, it was flat. I almost got a speeding ticket test driving a car on the nearby straight and flat Mountain View Ave. I assumed it was open and hot, requiring the correct season andContinue reading “Walking Hunter Creek Trail”