Two Years In the Making – Cotati to Rohnert Park

Two years? Really to get from Cotati to Rohnert Park? Yes, and it’s less than 2 miles. Let’s start at the beginning July 2013. This sign explains that it’s all connected. In time or in Laguna. When you think of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, you may think of that place between Santa Rosa andContinue reading “Two Years In the Making – Cotati to Rohnert Park”

Santa Rosa to Brush Creek Walking Connection

Some of you know that the Santa Rosa and Brush Creeks meet at the Flat Rocks. This is reputed to be the birthplace of Santa Rosa. The City of Santa Rosa just completed a wide path from Mission Blvd to the trail along Brush Creek. This picture is taken near Streamside Place off of HwyContinue reading “Santa Rosa to Brush Creek Walking Connection”

More Colgan Creek Walking

Colgan Creek, from Stony Point Rd. to Bellevue Ave. is a short flat walk by some open fields and yards. We like it for the raw Santa Rosa and openness. See Colgan Creek Walking. If you continue along Bellevue, there is almost a walking path. First on the southside and after Elsie Allen High SchoolContinue reading “More Colgan Creek Walking”

Winery Walks: Kendall-Jackson

For short flat walks, wineries can provide beautiful gardens, vistas and charming if sometime kitschy architecture for your viewing pleasure. With over 300 wineries in Sonoma County, we won’t cover all of them – but we will display some of our favorite gardens. Some are walks on their own and some are near places weContinue reading “Winery Walks: Kendall-Jackson”

Not a Flat Walk at Taylor Mountain

The name is a giveaway –  that Taylor Mountain would not be a flat walk. But I was game to give it a try. It helps that the parking lot is part of the way uphill and if you can only get that far you can still have a hillside picnic. This is a newContinue reading “Not a Flat Walk at Taylor Mountain”

A 2-day Walk on Roseland Creek?

It took us 2 days to walk Roseland Creek, not because it’s that long (3 mi roundtrip), but a hot day in August needed a cooler day in September to complete. Near a relatively recent (10 years in old people time) housing development, there is access to a trail along Roseland Creek. Starting on aContinue reading “A 2-day Walk on Roseland Creek?”