Sunday’s Revisit: Bird and Birdwatching Heaven at Shollenberger Park

Back in January 2010, we made this walk at Shollenberger Park in Petaluma. It was a time of freezing ear, plenty of water and plenty of birds. Lately, due to the drought this park has been dry much of the year. Here’s hoping for a wet winter and happy migrating birds. — Don’t forget to visitContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Bird and Birdwatching Heaven at Shollenberger Park”

No Racing at this Sears Point

Only the jackrabbit raced away from all the people and dogs tromping his grounds – on Martin Luther King Day. The rest of us sauntered, birdwatched and met up with friends. Landpaths offered a one-day visit to Sears Point Ranch south of the intersection of Hwy 37 and Lakeville Hwy. This area – 1000 acresContinue reading “No Racing at this Sears Point”

Walking along the Petaluma River

Behind the restaurants, shops and galleries of downtown Petaluma is a walk along the Petaluma River. Paths are improving but we’ve had to have a sense of exploration to make it work. Previously, we crossed the bridge near the Apple Box at B Street. But then we had to wander around a strip mall toContinue reading “Walking along the Petaluma River”

Thwarted Walking at Hudeman Slough

We hoped we’d found another flat walk in the low lands along the bay. Off of Hwy 121 south of Sonoma is Ramal Rd. and on an unmarked road is Hudeman Slough, a Regional Park boat launch. Technically, the address is 28020 Skaggs Island Rd. – we found it as the only road that wasn’tContinue reading “Thwarted Walking at Hudeman Slough”

Walking at Rush Creek

Sometimes when we zoom along a freeway, I spot places to walk. We tried one last week at Rush Creek Open Preserve off Hwy 101 in Novato. A few left turns and a drop off the pavement brought us to lovely view into a shaded path. Rush Creek runs along the Pineheiro Ridge Fire Rd.Continue reading “Walking at Rush Creek”

Dog Parks of Petaluma

City of Petaluma makes many parks available to off-leash dogs and their owners, for set hours each day. Other than the large Rocky Memorial, you’re more likely to take your dog to a neighborhood park. But, do you know about the others? We visited some parks last week. First are ones on the west sideContinue reading “Dog Parks of Petaluma”

Walking the North Bay

A year ago we tried the Bay Trail south of Sonoma. This time without Infineon Raceway noise or a 3 mile trek to the water, we found a better flat walk. We started at an access point to the Sonoma Baylands right off Hwy 37 after turning toward the Sonoma Marin Marina. Not a prettyContinue reading “Walking the North Bay”

Petaluma Adobe is One Big Abode

General Vallejo’s Petaluma Adobe was surrounded by a 66,000 acres rancho in the early 1800s. As a State Historic Park today, the grounds are small and a walk would mean a tour of the parking lot and the second story porch around the adobe. Walking is not the main attraction at the Petaluma Adobe. ImportantContinue reading “Petaluma Adobe is One Big Abode”