Conditions Change

BEWARE THE ACCURACY OF ALL WALKS. Conditions Change Hi All, Thank you for your support. Your visits. And more. I have downgraded the site visually, but it’s still there for a resource. A year ago April, we moved to Salem, Oregon. It suits our love of nature and culture. After two knee replacement surgeries andContinue reading “Conditions Change”


Year End in Review Part I

Since I never got to sharing many of our walks and probably won’t get around to it now – I thought, I could show you my best pictures. You can find more trail details on my site or on the famous Google. In February, we walked to the north end of the trail along theContinue reading “Year End in Review Part I”

Looking for Little Free Libraries

We were in Rogue River, Oregon (a small town between Medford and Grants Pass) on Memorial Day weekend. This little Free Library and home were well decorated. Do you have a little free library near you? The following was originally,  posted in November 2015 In my travels and in walking around town, I have foundContinue reading “Looking for Little Free Libraries”

Sunday’s Revisit: Introduction to Walking

Today marks my 6th anniversary with Walking in Sonoma County… mostly. After 500 posts, I can say I still feel the same way about walking and I’m happy to share. Hope you find the blog useful to finding your place in nature. I will continue to find new trails, revisit old ones and have fun withContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Introduction to Walking”

Now for Something Completely Different

The older I get the less I think I know. Perhaps because the problems and therefore the solutions are more complicated than I can reason out. But it doesn’t stop me from having opinions and sometimes I’m compelled to share them. In the early 1970s, I read some of Anaïs Nin’s diaries. I was confounded that she neverContinue reading “Now for Something Completely Different”

Walking the Parks à la Google

The Press Democrat recently announced the Sonoma County Regional Parks launch of a “street view” of 15 of parks. So far I have tried Sonoma Valley Regional – I found it stopped and I wouldn’t go farther, I needed to relaunch or choose a new starting point. I also tried Pinnacles Gulch (Bodega Bay) sinceContinue reading “Walking the Parks à la Google”