Weekend Fun: A Month of Activities

Oh yeah, happy holiday weekend. Thanks to all of you who have actually worked (if they let you) for a living. Thanks to all those in the past who fought for a 40 hour work week – and don’t you wish we’d kept fighting for a 30 hour week so more of us would haveContinue reading “Weekend Fun: A Month of Activities”

Labyrinth Walks – One Path

I enjoy walking a labyrinth – there’s only one way to go and they’re flat. Okay, and then there’s the focus. Walk with my head down, be in the present, and ignore the distractions. Here are a few of my favorites in Sonoma County. The most interesting one is located off the Kortum trail justContinue reading “Labyrinth Walks – One Path”

Where’s your First Day Walk?

I haven’t decided yet where I’ll be. But I know several groups are working Bodega Head and the Kortum Trail. Both excellent choices. Following are some other choices. Click headings to find more information: ______________________ Walks all over the Bay Area and Northern California New Year’s Day: Hikes, nature events in the Bay Area andContinue reading “Where’s your First Day Walk?”

Explore Everything – Maybe

Last month, I heard a radio interview, with Bradley L. Garrett, who had just published a book, Explore Everything, Place-Hacking the City. Place-Hacking? You say, what? All over the world people are exploring abandoned, ignored or under-construction sites. Using teams, they infiltrate supposedly secure corporate and state sites. Mr. Garrett is an ethnographer, who wantedContinue reading “Explore Everything – Maybe”

Travelling? Got Meds?

Are you prepared for travelling? Have your medical information and know what to bring along? Recently heard Rick Steves suggest you email yourself your medical information. (That is if you are some where with Internet access.) For excellent travel information, try the Anxious Traveler. These posts are from Rita Anya Nara. Click on headings orContinue reading “Travelling? Got Meds?”

Plastic Seas Start in Your Creek

And end up in your food. A couple of years ago I wrote a post It’s 10PM, Do You Know Where Your Trash Is?, after being distressed by the amount of plastics piled in Santa Rosa Creek.  Included in the post are some references for more information and some ways to help. This blog postContinue reading “Plastic Seas Start in Your Creek”

Walk in the Garden – August Version

Actually, we walk in our community garden every other day. It deserves our care and our remembering. If I can’t give you squash – how about some pictures? The lettuce was prolific but done. I’ve got a couple more salads to go. Many other garden plots look spent except for the flowers.