Introduction to Walking – Three Years Later

So, going forth, I’ll have a fifth. How did I get to that sentence? First, a suggestion to rewrite my first post. Second, a notice of my third anniversary on WordPress. And then the ordinal numbers and puns poured out. My first post was an Introduction to Walking. After three years of blogging many ofContinue reading “Introduction to Walking – Three Years Later”

Daily Promt: Be the Change. Take a Walk.

I want to change how people think about walking and where they walk. When I tell people, I walk – they usually respond, “I can’t hike,” or “I wish I had the time.” My responses are either “I can’t hike either,” or “I make time for walking.”

State Parks Good News Bad News

California had planned to close 70 state parks effective July 1st. A state committee chose the parks for closure based on the popularity or the iconic status of the park. When asked to share the documents to prove those findings, their response was they had thrown the data out.