Fall Walks

As the season changes some us may look for signs of color. Try these walks.

I’ve written several times about Santa Rosa Creek. My favorite section is between Fulton and Willowside Rds.

Click here or here for a walk by vineyards and pastures, along a restored creek. Good place for birdwatching too.

West County trail from Graton to Forestville also provides a setting of changing colors with the vineyards and meadows. Click here.

Before the rains come walking by Ellis Creek provides a good path and wide open spaces in the South County. Click here for more information.

Visit Jack London State Park and walk through the farm and vineyards. Click here. This picture was taken in summer, but it’s always a spectacular place.

2 thoughts on “Fall Walks

    1. I usually mention bikes in the walk description or indicate at the end about bikes, wheelchairs and other activities. Of these fall walks, the north side of Santa Rosa Creek is best – downtown to Willowside. Brush Creek is also good. For somewhat outdated city bike info click SRBikes and for more recent info from the Bicycle Coalition, click SCBC. Hope that helps. If the links don’t work, please let me know.

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