Summer Walks

Try the south side of Santa Rosa Creek from Stony Point to Willowside. The advantages are more shade and fewer bicyclists. Wear sturdy shoes to handle the uneven gravel path and bring water. The vegetation is lush, so you won’t see much of the creek, but you’ll see vineyards, meadows, horses, cows and mountains.  Santa Rosa Creek.




The summer bridge over part of the Laguna de Santa Rosa gives you access to more walk. Start near Community Center in Sebastopol or near the Chevron station off of Hwy 12. Click Laguna.




The buckeyes are out the end of May, Crane Creek Regional Park is great place to see these huge trees in all their blooming glory. Relatively flat walk of about 2 miles around the park. One hill with views over the Santa Rosa plain, if you’re up to the challenge.


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