Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking

A couple of weeks ago, San Francisco was closed for a major triathlon and an unnamed event in Golden Gate Park. We fought our way through town and went to Treasure Island. Named after Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island, it is also a creation — the island was built on a shallow piece of San FranciscoContinue reading “Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking”

China Camp in Winter

I’ve come to love China Camp State Park for its sounds and sense of peace. The rustle of beach-pebbles pushed gently by the waves of the San Francisco Bay. Footsteps on the boardwalk between the park museum and the brick oven (where shrimp were dried).

Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?

Where will you walk the first day of the year? I have a few suggestions. Kortum Trail – in winter the land is raw, the ocean powerful and the air clear We went to Kortum Trail yesterday starting at Shell Beach. It was a bit soggy, so waterproof boots are in order. Those foreground puddlesContinue reading “Where is Your First Day Hike (Walk)?”

Walking (or is it breakfast) in Suisun City

Seems that when we plan a trip to Sacramento, it now involves a stop in Suisun City for breakfast. But a stroll along the waterfront or a more adventurous walk into the Suisun Marsh is possible. We did stroll, but due to plans in Sacramento on the same day, we only peered down the dirtContinue reading “Walking (or is it breakfast) in Suisun City”

Walking Between 2 Freeways and a Bay

What’s that? How do I get there? When? These are the questions I ask myself when I see a flat place to walk. No place have I asked myself more often about than the spot I see when hurtling down Hwy 101 to San Francisco crossing Richardson Bay. Oh, the taunt of a tidal marshContinue reading “Walking Between 2 Freeways and a Bay”

The Real and Surreal in San Francisco

Having lived in small-town Sonoma County for many years, it can be challenging to visit San Francisco. An easy way to transition is to cross Golden Gate Bridge, head right, along Lincoln Blvd and go west. Some of the roadside trail has recently been restored so walkers and joggers can have a safer trip fromContinue reading “The Real and Surreal in San Francisco”

Walking at Rush Creek

Sometimes when we zoom along a freeway, I spot places to walk. We tried one last week at Rush Creek Open Preserve off Hwy 101 in Novato. A few left turns and a drop off the pavement brought us to lovely view into a shaded path. Rush Creek runs along the Pineheiro Ridge Fire Rd.Continue reading “Walking at Rush Creek”

Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail

We went off to visit UC Berkeley Art Museum and thought we’d take a walk first. Having lived in Richmond, we’d choose one of our early places  to walk together. Of course, we had different pictures in our heads. Where that was that park? What exit off Hwy 580? We turned off at Bayview Ave.Continue reading “Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail”