Another Spring Walk at Garland Ranch

Last year we were a little earlier for the spring wildflowers and then the flowers are a little earlier this year – and yet we had another beautiful walk in Garland Ranch- Monterrey County. I can’t resist this kind of entrance to a park. There is a year-round entrance downstream. We went past the VisitorContinue reading “Another Spring Walk at Garland Ranch”


Walking Monterey to Carmel

Okay, we didn’t walk all that way on our recent trip. And maybe you could do the distance, but you’d run into golf courses and restricted use around the Monterey Peninsula. But it’s quite easy to get from Monterey Wharf to Pacific Grove. Monterey Here’s some of the trail from Monterey Wharf towards Pacific Grove.Continue reading “Walking Monterey to Carmel”

Walking at Garland Ranch – Carmel

Before our recent trip to Monterey Peninsula, Mike studied a map of the area. That’s how we found Jack’s Peak and how we wound up at Garland Ranch Regional Park. Both great finds for us. Here’s a link to Jack’s Park and here is some of our visit to Garland Ranch Park. We drove outContinue reading “Walking at Garland Ranch – Carmel”