Walking the Kortum Trail in Winter

Kortum Trail is one great place to walk clifftop along the Sonoma coast. Round trip, it’s eight miles from Goat Rock to Wright’s Beach. I like to pick it up at Shell Beach and walk a shorter piece. In winter, this part of the Sonoma coast is a study in grasses. I like the rawnessContinue reading “Walking the Kortum Trail in Winter”

Two Walks at Gualala Point

Meanwhile back on Hwy 1 heading to Gualala. After lunch and lounging at Stillwater Cove, we continued north – stopped at Salt Point to check the plumbing (bathroom at coast parking lot still closed.) Access at Fisk Mill is sadly closed. (As of summer of 2014 Fisk Mill is open again!)

Kortum Trail Update

We visited the coast a couple of weeks ago – to check on the wildflowers. The buttercups were out and a few other strays, like this mallow. Seeing the early bloom, we moved the coastal walk from May to April. Please join us April 21st above Wright’s Beach. More info below. The trail south fromContinue reading “Kortum Trail Update”

Up the Valley and Down the Coast

Not that we spent much time going up the valley, we were anxious to get to Mendocino. We stopped for the obligatory pastry and coffee at the Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg. And on the drive, did our best to stay off  Highway 101. It got sunnier the farther north we went. At Cloverdale, we tookContinue reading “Up the Valley and Down the Coast”

Fort Ross State Historic Park in Winter

Two weeks ago we visited the last main area on the coast we haven’t shared with you. Our destination: Fort Ross State Historic Park, which is 11 miles north of Jenner off Hwy 1. Before it was a fort, 1500 “People from Top of Land” lived here. The native people, Kashaya, had an area thatContinue reading “Fort Ross State Historic Park in Winter”

New Trails at Bodega Head

Last Sunday became a day of colors and raptors as we got closer to Bodega Bay. Along Hwy 1 near the town of Bodega, where a fire took out a few acres last summer, the lanky eucalyptus had glowing golden leaves and black scorched trunks. We turned onto Bay Hill Rd, a bumpy winding road,Continue reading “New Trails at Bodega Head”

Wading through the Bodega Dunes

Somehow, we went to the wrong place on the wrong weekend. When we were baking by the Bay two weeks ago, we should have gone to the ocean. Last Sunday, we went to a cool, foggy gray day at Bodega Dunes. Maybe we would have liked the bay walk on this cooler day. The oceanContinue reading “Wading through the Bodega Dunes”

The One and Only Salt Point

If I only had one choice to pick a place to go on the Sonoma Coast, the answer would be – Salt Point State Park. Besides the rock formations and the wildflowers, this 6,000 acre park offers coastal headlands and hilly forests. And every day is different. And wonderful. In January, we just made itContinue reading “The One and Only Salt Point”