Wildflower Training Walk in Pacific Grove

Every year in April, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History has a Wildflower Show. Flowers, grasses, and tree twigs or cones, from all over California, are collected and displayed. We’ve gone for several years now. This year we lost pictures on the camera and forgot to take an overall picture of the room withContinue reading “Wildflower Training Walk in Pacific Grove”


Walking more Bay Trail & the Napa River

Last week I did another walk with fellow-Walkabouters at the JFK Memorial Park along the Napa River. Tule Marsh used to dominate the area until the mid-1800s.  San Pablo Bay (off of San Francisco Bay) was 18,000 acres of tidal marsh. Some of that is being restored. We chose to start our walk at theContinue reading “Walking more Bay Trail & the Napa River”

Strolling in Mendocino

We usually go to Mendocino in January – to enjoy a quiet small town and have a look at a wild stormy sea. This year, it was all warm, sunny and calm. I thought to show you some of the town. It’s a great place to stroll and visit the shops, galleries and restaurants. TheContinue reading “Strolling in Mendocino”

Walking into History at Fort Ross

Sunday, the ocean was calm – hardly a breeze – truly pacific. We made our way up the winding Hwy 1 to Fort Ross. In addition to the new construction at the Fort and new places seen – the Call House was open and the Russian Cemetery was easily found – we had a marvelousContinue reading “Walking into History at Fort Ross”

Santa Rosa to Brush Creek Walking Connection

Some of you know that the Santa Rosa and Brush Creeks meet at the Flat Rocks. This is reputed to be the birthplace of Santa Rosa. The City of Santa Rosa just completed a wide path from Mission Blvd to the trail along Brush Creek. This picture is taken near Streamside Place off of HwyContinue reading “Santa Rosa to Brush Creek Walking Connection”

Plastic Seas Start in Your Creek

And end up in your food. A couple of years ago I wrote a post It’s 10PM, Do You Know Where Your Trash Is?, after being distressed by the amount of plastics piled in Santa Rosa Creek.  Included in the post are some references for more information and some ways to help. This blog postContinue reading “Plastic Seas Start in Your Creek”

‘Round Tillamook

We raced down the coast after Lake Quinault, horrified at Aberdeen, redeemed by South Bend, virtually flew over the Columbia River and caught our breath at Seaside. Seaside Here’s a beach without logs, but with soft sand and people sitting down to picnic and relax. Plenty of room. There is also a boardwalk –  ofContinue reading “‘Round Tillamook”

Walking along the Willamette River

. Walk like a Duck (University of Oregon mascot) in Eugene On our road trip, we decided to explore new places in old stops. We have enjoyed walking around the main campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene. Among its attributes: architecturally interesting buildings, it’s flat, has pleasing lawns, trees and gardens and itContinue reading “Walking along the Willamette River”