Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk

We often visit Doran Beach. It’s an easy sand walk when the tide is low and the rhythm of the ocean is calming and exciting. I took these pictures last Saturday on a busy day with many people, dogs and equipment for land and water. We walked and then… We hunkered down in the dunes forContinue reading “Walking at Doran Beach & Birdwalk”


Walking Moore Creek

We went to Lake Hennessy near St Helena (Napa Valley) several years ago. Time for a visit again. We drove by the lake and went up Moore Creek – where I had found a park with trails. Our first task was crossing a creek – should be dry by summer. I noticed that the trailContinue reading “Walking Moore Creek”

Sunday’s Revisit: Walking up Quarryhill

This post was originally published in April 2011. We have not found time to revisit. Have you been recently? I’m sure things have changed and we always meant to go a little later in spring – or earlier. If you’re making your spring hiking list, please add this place. We started out Sunday afternoon for QuarryhillContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Walking up Quarryhill”

Sunday’s Revisit: Petaluma Adobe

Petaluma Adobe is One Big Abode This visit was from January 2011. A beautiful spot with a good history fix. The hills are green again like this. Yippee! General Vallejo’s Petaluma Adobe was surrounded by a 66,000 acres rancho in the early 1800s. As a State Historic Park today, the grounds are small and a walkContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Petaluma Adobe”

Sunday’s Revisit: Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park

The ‘nature walk’ next to the creek will be a little soggy now, but you can walk around Sonoma State campus or walk along the creek past Spreckels Center and then all the way to Hwy 101.  This was written in April 2010. Spring is not what one expected this year. It seems we’ve been dodgingContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park”

Sunday’s Revisit: Country to Industry in West County

This post is from January 2010. Maybe you can tell by the soggy trail and lack of leaves that it’s winter. Some of the buildings near Graton Road have been taken down and shops have changed. Soggier parts of the trail have not gotten boardwalks – maybe if we do get a lot of rainContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Country to Industry in West County”

Sunday’s Revisit: Santa Rosa Creek

I have written over 400 posts (okay, some of them songs, news and puzzles), You can use Search or the menus to find your place to walk. This post was the first walk in 2009. We still love it. What’s new? The northside trail has been paved and repaved. The Creek has been cleaned ofContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Santa Rosa Creek”

Walking Hunter Creek Trail

I had seen the trailhead from visits to Friedman’s Home Improvement, but didn’t put it high on my walk list. Undoubtedly, it was flat. I almost got a speeding ticket test driving a car on the nearby straight and flat Mountain View Ave. I assumed it was open and hot, requiring the correct season andContinue reading “Walking Hunter Creek Trail”

Two Years In the Making – Cotati to Rohnert Park

Two years? Really to get from Cotati to Rohnert Park? Yes, and it’s less than 2 miles. Let’s start at the beginning July 2013. This sign explains that it’s all connected. In time or in Laguna. When you think of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, you may think of that place between Santa Rosa andContinue reading “Two Years In the Making – Cotati to Rohnert Park”

Walking more Bay Trail & the Napa River

Last week I did another walk with fellow-Walkabouters at the JFK Memorial Park along the Napa River. Tule Marsh used to dominate the area until the mid-1800s.  San Pablo Bay (off of San Francisco Bay) was 18,000 acres of tidal marsh. Some of that is being restored. We chose to start our walk at theContinue reading “Walking more Bay Trail & the Napa River”