Walking Willow Creek

It was a bright and frosty morn. What did we expect on Freezeout Rd. near Duncans Mills in January? Summer before last we sat here in mosquito-biting heat for an orientation to learn about Willow Creek and the responsibilities inherent in having a permit to hike the area. We were past due to hike, thoughContinue reading “Walking Willow Creek”

Petaluma Adobe is One Big Abode

General Vallejo’s Petaluma Adobe was surrounded by a 66,000 acres rancho in the early 1800s. As a State Historic Park today, the grounds are small and a walk would mean a tour of the parking lot and the second story porch around the adobe. Walking is not the main attraction at the Petaluma Adobe. ImportantContinue reading “Petaluma Adobe is One Big Abode”

Santa Rosa Creek – One Year Later

We usually start at Place to Play to walk along Santa Rosa Creek. The Park’s wide open space lets us breath free and there’s plenty of parking – no sliding into the ditch or getting whacked by a speeding car at Willowside Rd. Near the west end of the park is a recycled water pondContinue reading “Santa Rosa Creek – One Year Later”

Walking the Laguna de Santa Rosa

Sunday afternoon, we were looking for something short and sweet. It was sprinkling and warm and we had already worn ourselves out over the weekend. We headed to the Laguna de Santa Rosa and parked in a dirt and gravel lot near the Community Center on Morris St. in Sebastopol. The Laguna is a 14-mileContinue reading “Walking the Laguna de Santa Rosa”

Finding a Creek Walk – Brush Creek

Creeks are all over the Santa Rosa plain and many are part of a flood control plan. This means there are often trails along them. Some are boldly announced as the large fish statue does for the trail starting at Santa Rosa Avenue. And some are quietly waiting by a bridge railing.

A Vista, a Beach and a Garden

We had to go to 3 places along the coast to get to all the above title proclaims, but they were near each other. State Parks had recently reopened two of them. Of course, now Vista Trail and Russian Gulch are closed. But you can still go to A Garden spot and there are aContinue reading “A Vista, a Beach and a Garden”

Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park

Spring is not what one expected this year. It seems we’ve been dodging storms since December to get in a good walk. But memory is short. I’d just walked around Spring Lake in sunshine on Saturday with a friend and her dog. (A fine dog walking place it is. I just haven’t had time toContinue reading “Walking on the Flat in Rohnert Park”

Winter Walk by Santa Rosa Creek at Willowside

Meanwhile back to walking… On last Sunday’s walk I was greeted with much singing. By birds. Robins to be exact. They sat at the top of bare branched trees and occasionally flew off in groups and landed not far away. What the attraction was, I have not been able to determine. They didn’t seem toContinue reading “Winter Walk by Santa Rosa Creek at Willowside”