Walking on the (Carquinez) Strait

The Carquinez Strait Regional Park is 1,400 acres along the Sacramento River that comes in two parts. A new section, the George Miller Trail opened last fall for walkers and bicyclists and connects the two sections. It is another portion of the Bay Trail. With views of the Sacramento River on its way to SanContinue reading “Walking on the (Carquinez) Strait”


Walking Pt Pinole Past to Present

Once upon a time, Mike and I lived in the East Bay. One of our first walks together was at Pt Pinole. At the time it was a new park on forgotten land jutting into San Pablo Bay. I remember it for squeaky eucalyptus trees. That trail is now closed due to falling limbs.

Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail

We went off to visit UC Berkeley Art Museum and thought we’d take a walk first. Having lived in Richmond, we’d choose one of our early places  to walk together. Of course, we had different pictures in our heads. Where that was that park? What exit off Hwy 580? We turned off at Bayview Ave.Continue reading “Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail”

Walking at Pt Richmond and Oakland Museum

We busted out of Sonoma County last Saturday and went to Pt Richmond and to the Oakland Museum in the East Bay. If you want a more typical walk, scroll down the post and read about Pt. Richmond. The Oakland Museum has some of Richmond’s history, so it is all tied together. Mike and IContinue reading “Walking at Pt Richmond and Oakland Museum”