Riverfront Park in Windsor

This original post was in March of 2010. We have visited many times since then and written many more posts. What a great place. There’s still trouble with the trail where the dam doesn’t quite keep out the Russian River in winter floods. The trees and bushes are bigger so that some of the benchesContinue reading “Riverfront Park in Windsor”


Walking Whidbey Island

Our destination via ferry from Port Townsend was Whidbey Island. One of many islands in Puget Sound near Seattle. It is 35 miles long, unusually shaped and has a population less than 60 thousand. We were staying with family who had a grand view of the Olympics and the shipping lanes from Seattle, Tacoma andContinue reading “Walking Whidbey Island”

Walking Pt Pinole Past to Present

Once upon a time, Mike and I lived in the East Bay. One of our first walks together was at Pt Pinole. At the time it was a new park on forgotten land jutting into San Pablo Bay. I remember it for squeaky eucalyptus trees. That trail is now closed due to falling limbs.

Walking (or is it breakfast) in Suisun City

Seems that when we plan a trip to Sacramento, it now involves a stop in Suisun City for breakfast. But a stroll along the waterfront or a more adventurous walk into the Suisun Marsh is possible. We did stroll, but due to plans in Sacramento on the same day, we only peered down the dirtContinue reading “Walking (or is it breakfast) in Suisun City”

Thwarted Walking at Hudeman Slough

We hoped we’d found another flat walk in the low lands along the bay. Off of Hwy 121 south of Sonoma is Ramal Rd. and on an unmarked road is Hudeman Slough, a Regional Park boat launch. Technically, the address is 28020 Skaggs Island Rd. – we found it as the only road that wasn’tContinue reading “Thwarted Walking at Hudeman Slough”

Walking from Suisun City to Sacramento

Okay, we didn’t walk the whole way, but we stopped for many short walks along the way from Santa Rosa to Sacramento. Suisun City We started on Hwy 12 from home and tried to stay with it as much as we could. We hadn’t known there was a real Suisun City but we found it.Continue reading “Walking from Suisun City to Sacramento”