Sunday’s Revisit: Walking up Quarryhill

This post was originally published in April 2011. We have not found time to revisit. Have you been recently? I’m sure things have changed and we always meant to go a little later in spring – or earlier. If you’re making your spring hiking list, please add this place. We started out Sunday afternoon for QuarryhillContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: Walking up Quarryhill”


Sunday’s New & Revisit: Salt Point

Making our almost annual visit to Mendocino, we just had to stop at Salt Point. The waves were high and the easy and wheelchair accessible trail has been repaired. Looking north from the parking lot is what alerted me to the trail repair. In a short distance, the road-like trail was fully soggy. And theContinue reading “Sunday’s New & Revisit: Salt Point”

Sunday’s Revisit: North Coast

Here’s a trip from five years ago, but we’re planning another January trip. What will we revisit and what will be new? Not that we spent much time going up the valley, we were anxious to get to Mendocino. We stopped for the obligatory pastry and coffee at the Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg. And onContinue reading “Sunday’s Revisit: North Coast”

Walking at Garland Ranch – Carmel

Before our recent trip to Monterey Peninsula, Mike studied a map of the area. That’s how we found Jack’s Peak and how we wound up at Garland Ranch Regional Park. Both great finds for us. Here’s a link to Jack’s Park and here is some of our visit to Garland Ranch Park. We drove outContinue reading “Walking at Garland Ranch – Carmel”

Wildflower Training Walk in Pacific Grove

Every year in April, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History has a Wildflower Show. Flowers, grasses, and tree twigs or cones, from all over California, are collected and displayed. We’ve gone for several years now. This year we lost pictures on the camera and forgot to take an overall picture of the room withContinue reading “Wildflower Training Walk in Pacific Grove”

What the Tafoni is at Salt Point?

On the way home from Mendocino, it is almost required that we stop at Gualala Point or Salt Point. Since the dog was ‘on the ranch’ we decided to stop at Salt Point State Park. The park does have a couple of miles of flat trail and some amazing rock formation. But this view isn’tContinue reading “What the Tafoni is at Salt Point?”

Strolling in Mendocino

We usually go to Mendocino in January – to enjoy a quiet small town and have a look at a wild stormy sea. This year, it was all warm, sunny and calm. I thought to show you some of the town. It’s a great place to stroll and visit the shops, galleries and restaurants. TheContinue reading “Strolling in Mendocino”

Strolling in Port Townsend

We raced through Oregon and Washington, going up the Olympic Peninsula. Missed the joys of Seattle on a Friday afternoon. Darn. Driving Hwy 101 is reminiscent of driving around Lake Tahoe, though better. Trees and water abound. Few houses interrupt the landscape. And they are not gigantic show pieces, but houses real people might liveContinue reading “Strolling in Port Townsend”

Walk in Redding? Maybe not in August

. When you plan to travel 2,000 miles to many new places, it doesn’t hurt to stop first at a familiar place. The dynamic Calatrava’s Sundial Bridge across the Sacramento River in Redding, CA is a ‘must see.’ But, it was a little warm. The lack of people – I’d normally say is just fineContinue reading “Walk in Redding? Maybe not in August”