Walking Jack’s Peak – Monterey

A thousand feet above Monterey is a county park called Jack’s Peak. With 8.5 miles of trails and the sweet smell of Monterey Pines, this is great place to meet nature and savor some views of Monterey Bay. However, it is also above the airport. It was a little noisy from traffic and planes onContinue reading “Walking Jack’s Peak – Monterey”

Sugarloaf Ridge via Planetary Walk

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, a 2700-acre park in the mountains above the Sonoma Valley, is still worth a visit even for people who need a flat walk. Just past the entrance kiosk, on the left, is a parking lot, with a trailhead to Bald Mountain and to Meadow Trails.

Walking the Skyline Wilderness

Skyline Wilderness Park was recently featured in a Bay Nature article. It didn’t sound very flat, but there were reasons we decided to try the place. Given that the state is cutting loose 70 parks – we thought we’d look at a place the state gave up in 1979. The State of California didn’t needContinue reading “Walking the Skyline Wilderness”

Wading through the Bodega Dunes

Somehow, we went to the wrong place on the wrong weekend. When we were baking by the Bay two weeks ago, we should have gone to the ocean. Last Sunday, we went to a cool, foggy gray day at Bodega Dunes. Maybe we would have liked the bay walk on this cooler day. The oceanContinue reading “Wading through the Bodega Dunes”