Walking where Jack London Lived

This post was originally posted in July 2010. We have visited many times since then. Here’s a link to a more recent London post. In 2012, the State of California slated this park for closure due to budget cuts. But the Jack London Park Partners (JLPP) was established by Valley of the Moon Natural History Association (VMNHA)Continue reading “Walking where Jack London Lived”


Riverfront Park in Windsor

This original post was in March of 2010. We have visited many times since then and written many more posts. What a great place. There’s still trouble with the trail where the dam doesn’t quite keep out the Russian River in winter floods. The trees and bushes are bigger so that some of the benchesContinue reading “Riverfront Park in Windsor”

More Oregon Walks: Dunes, Lakes and Darlingtonia

North and south of Florence, Oregon are huge dunes and several lakes – which seem like an odd mix, but there you are. Sutton Creek Overlook About 6 miles north of Florence at the end of Vista Rd off Hwy 101 is the Sutton Creek Overlook. Here, I can appreciate the vastness of the dunes.Continue reading “More Oregon Walks: Dunes, Lakes and Darlingtonia”

Walking Fern Ridge near Eugene, Oregon

About 12 miles west of Eugene, but given all that we’ve driven, it didn’t seem that far – to Fern Ridge Lake. A reservoir, managed by the US Corps of Engineers (link to basic info) with three county parks for a variety of fun times and some privately run boating marinas. Twenty-three miles long, there’sContinue reading “Walking Fern Ridge near Eugene, Oregon”

Walking Cottage Grove, Covered Bridges and Lakes

One of the reasons Mike wanted to go to Oregon was because he loves lakes – having spent his youthful summers in northern Wisconsin. Besides Lake Tahoe (a most magnificent lake), lakes are few in California – it’s mostly reservoirs. Oregon has reservoirs too, but they’re full and look more real. We started another dayContinue reading “Walking Cottage Grove, Covered Bridges and Lakes”

Walking Salt Creek Falls & Waldo Lake, Oregon

Our first full day in Eugene, Oregon was going to be hot, 95 degrees – so Mike brilliantly said we should head up hill for cooler air. A perfect solution to go to the Cascade Mountains. (We also heard when the fog settles on the valley in the winter, it’s a good idea to goContinue reading “Walking Salt Creek Falls & Waldo Lake, Oregon”

Vampires, Ghostly Beaches and a Rainforest

We hadn’t realized we needed vampire protection when we went to Forks on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We were just looking for a hotel that was pet-friendly. Forks is now known as the author’s inspiration for the popular Twilight stories. We headed to the ocean to escape the threat.

Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom

Through the magic of the Internet our Sonoma County walking site – that does travel on vacation – gets lots of hits for Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom in Northern California. We haven’t been able to visit recently, but we’re happy to help people find their way around.

Walking the Skyline Wilderness

Skyline Wilderness Park was recently featured in a Bay Nature article. It didn’t sound very flat, but there were reasons we decided to try the place. Given that the state is cutting loose 70 parks – we thought we’d look at a place the state gave up in 1979. The State of California didn’t needContinue reading “Walking the Skyline Wilderness”