Walking in Moss Landing etc.

Moss Landing, CA on the Monterey Bay is an eclectic little town. Part fishing village, part research center (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and Moss Landing Marine Labs), part beach, part marina, part yummy restaurants and of course a few places to walk.

Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking

A couple of weeks ago, San Francisco was closed for a major triathlon and an unnamed event in Golden Gate Park. We fought our way through town and went to Treasure Island. Named after Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island, it is also a creation — the island was built on a shallow piece of San FranciscoContinue reading “Aye, It’s Treasure Island Walking”


Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom

Through the magic of the Internet our Sonoma County walking site – that does travel on vacation – gets lots of hits for Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom in Northern California. We haven’t been able to visit recently, but we’re happy to help people find their way around.

Walking (or is it breakfast) in Suisun City

Seems that when we plan a trip to Sacramento, it now involves a stop in Suisun City for breakfast. But a stroll along the waterfront or a more adventurous walk into the Suisun Marsh is possible. We did stroll, but due to plans in Sacramento on the same day, we only peered down the dirtContinue reading “Walking (or is it breakfast) in Suisun City”

Walking the North Bay

A year ago we tried the Bay Trail south of Sonoma. This time without Infineon Raceway noise or a 3 mile trek to the water, we found a better flat walk. We started at an access point to the Sonoma Baylands right off Hwy 37 after turning toward the Sonoma Marin Marina. Not a prettyContinue reading “Walking the North Bay”

New Trails at Bodega Head

Last Sunday became a day of colors and raptors as we got closer to Bodega Bay. Along Hwy 1 near the town of Bodega, where a fire took out a few acres last summer, the lanky eucalyptus had glowing golden leaves and black scorched trunks. We turned onto Bay Hill Rd, a bumpy winding road,Continue reading “New Trails at Bodega Head”

Walking at Whiskeytown

Go to the mountains? For a flat walk? Yes, isn’t California incredible? Last weekend we went north to the mountains. After several hours on the nerve-grinding, mind-numbing Hwy 5, a snow-topped mountain appeared. It was Mt. Shasta, the sign of a more geographically interesting place.