Walking Above Glass Beach

On our way back from Oregon last week, we stopped in Ft Bragg for another visit. We walked from Pudding Creek and went as far as we could – about 4 miles round trip. The south and north trails are not yet connected. At Glass Beach we saw many abalone divers – looking like Ninja Turtles withContinue reading “Walking Above Glass Beach”

Stornetta in Spring

Stornetta Public Lands opened to the public last year and we made a visit last summer. But it is spring and we wanted to see how the wildflowers were doing. Coastal iris had already been noticeable in many large clumps. Of course, the other main reason to visit is a spectacular ocean up against andContinue reading “Stornetta in Spring”

Walking Pt Arena Stornetta Public Lands

Back in March, we were delighted that the cows had given away another part of the California Coastal National Monument, where people could walk along a beautiful stretch of the Mendocino coast. We had tried before to find a trailhead to this new area without success – there is little signage. Today we were moreContinue reading “Walking Pt Arena Stornetta Public Lands”