Walking Monterey to Carmel

Okay, we didn’t walk all that way on our recent trip. And maybe you could do the distance, but you’d run into golf courses and restricted use around the Monterey Peninsula. But it’s quite easy to get from Monterey Wharf to Pacific Grove. Monterey Here’s some of the trail from Monterey Wharf towards Pacific Grove.Continue reading “Walking Monterey to Carmel”


Frog Pond Wetland Stroll

With only a few parking spaces off a high speed road, access to Frog Pond Wetland Preserve in Monterey can be daunting. But please persevere. Friends had told us about the place. Frog Pond Wetland Preserve is part of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District in Canyon Del Reys, inland from the town of Monterey.Continue reading “Frog Pond Wetland Stroll”

Walking Jack’s Peak – Monterey

A thousand feet above Monterey is a county park called Jack’s Peak. With 8.5 miles of trails and the sweet smell of Monterey Pines, this is great place to meet nature and savor some views of Monterey Bay. However, it is also above the airport. It was a little noisy from traffic and planes onContinue reading “Walking Jack’s Peak – Monterey”