Presidio Walk, Not so Flat

Last week we tried some other parts of the San Francisco Presidio that are not so flat. (Previous walk on the flat part of the Presidio.) If we had stayed around Main Post, near the Visitor’s Center and the Officers’ Club, we might have managed. Down the parade grounds, in the picture below,  is San FranciscoContinue reading “Presidio Walk, Not so Flat”


Walking Richmond Bay Trail – with Rosie the Riveter

Last month or was it the month before already, we met Mike’s son and his wife for brunch at Assemble on the water in Richmond. We diligently used our GPS, which was telling us to go through a guard gate. Huh? Yes, we just had to tell the guard where we were going and sheContinue reading “Walking Richmond Bay Trail – with Rosie the Riveter”

Vampires, Ghostly Beaches and a Rainforest

We hadn’t realized we needed vampire protection when we went to Forks on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We were just looking for a hotel that was pet-friendly. Forks is now known as the author’s inspiration for the popular Twilight stories. We headed to the ocean to escape the threat.

Walking Whidbey Island

Our destination via ferry from Port Townsend was Whidbey Island. One of many islands in Puget Sound near Seattle. It is 35 miles long, unusually shaped and has a population less than 60 thousand. We were staying with family who had a grand view of the Olympics and the shipping lanes from Seattle, Tacoma andContinue reading “Walking Whidbey Island”

Walking in the Desert near Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA is in a desert. On our recent vacation there, we toured homes as part of Modernism Week (link to early post). On other days, we visited the desert. The San Jacinto Mountains dominate Palm Springs, so you know you’re not in Northern California (or Kansas) anymore. But the lusciousness of Palm SpringsContinue reading “Walking in the Desert near Palm Springs”

Pt Reyes National Seashore in the Woods

If a place is named Pt Reyes National Seashore, you would think we’d walk along the coast. We have. Links to those posts are listed below. But the park has over 71,000 acres and some of that is wooded and mountainous. Earlier this month we started at the Bear Valley Visitor Center. With 150 milesContinue reading “Pt Reyes National Seashore in the Woods”

The Real and Surreal in San Francisco

Having lived in small-town Sonoma County for many years, it can be challenging to visit San Francisco. An easy way to transition is to cross Golden Gate Bridge, head right, along Lincoln Blvd and go west. Some of the roadside trail has recently been restored so walkers and joggers can have a safer trip fromContinue reading “The Real and Surreal in San Francisco”

Yosemite Walking

Sometimes Geology Makes Itself Known We tried to avoid it (geology) and pay attention to seven lanes of wild East Bay traffic, and stay awake across the Big Valley and keep the car on the road around hairpin turns up the foothills to the mountains. However, geology was the basis for a wide flat valleyContinue reading “Yosemite Walking”

Walking at Whiskeytown

Go to the mountains? For a flat walk? Yes, isn’t California incredible? Last weekend we went north to the mountains. After several hours on the nerve-grinding, mind-numbing Hwy 5, a snow-topped mountain appeared. It was Mt. Shasta, the sign of a more geographically interesting place.