Walking Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Oregon

While there is a Mt. Pisgah near Eugene Oregon, with plenty of trails – we insisted on walking the arboretum at the base of the 1,531′ Mt Pisgah. (Visit Lane County Park site for information on hill trails.) We studied the flower pictures and then went to look for them in the 209 acre arboretum. TheContinue reading “Walking Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Oregon”


Walking University of Oregon Campus – Eugene

We recently visited Eugene, Oregon again. The campus of the University is beautiful for its landscapes and buildings. While I was trying to take a picture of something, I turned around to find this amazing humungous flowering bush. This post from our visit to University of Oregon in Eugene was posted in August 2014. Visiting Eugene,Continue reading “Walking University of Oregon Campus – Eugene”

More Oregon: Wineries, One more Bridge & Florence

Mike chose a couple of wineries to visit on our Oregon trip. Last year we visited Valley View Winery near Jacksonville, this year we first stopped at King Estate. Leaving Cottage Grove, we circled west on Territorial Hwy. From our route around the valley, we could see King Estate on a distant hill. It wasContinue reading “More Oregon: Wineries, One more Bridge & Florence”

More Oregon Walks: Dunes, Lakes and Darlingtonia

North and south of Florence, Oregon are huge dunes and several lakes – which seem like an odd mix, but there you are. Sutton Creek Overlook About 6 miles north of Florence at the end of Vista Rd off Hwy 101 is the Sutton Creek Overlook. Here, I can appreciate the vastness of the dunes.Continue reading “More Oregon Walks: Dunes, Lakes and Darlingtonia”

Walking to the Heceta Head (Calendar-Icon) Lighthouse

Last year we zipped down the coast of Washington and Oregon, hardly having time to look. This year we decided to spend two days in Florence, a small town on the Siuslaw River at the ocean. North of town (13 mi.) is a gem of a lighthouse, that the fog prevented us from seeing inContinue reading “Walking to the Heceta Head (Calendar-Icon) Lighthouse”

Walking Fern Ridge near Eugene, Oregon

About 12 miles west of Eugene, but given all that we’ve driven, it didn’t seem that far – to Fern Ridge Lake. A reservoir, managed by the US Corps of Engineers (link to basic info) with three county parks for a variety of fun times and some privately run boating marinas. Twenty-three miles long, there’sContinue reading “Walking Fern Ridge near Eugene, Oregon”

Walking Cottage Grove, Covered Bridges and Lakes

One of the reasons Mike wanted to go to Oregon was because he loves lakes – having spent his youthful summers in northern Wisconsin. Besides Lake Tahoe (a most magnificent lake), lakes are few in California – it’s mostly reservoirs. Oregon has reservoirs too, but they’re full and look more real. We started another dayContinue reading “Walking Cottage Grove, Covered Bridges and Lakes”

Walking Salt Creek Falls & Waldo Lake, Oregon

Our first full day in Eugene, Oregon was going to be hot, 95 degrees – so Mike brilliantly said we should head up hill for cooler air. A perfect solution to go to the Cascade Mountains. (We also heard when the fog settles on the valley in the winter, it’s a good idea to goContinue reading “Walking Salt Creek Falls & Waldo Lake, Oregon”