Walking around the Bay at the Oakland Museum

Hope you are a quick planner – we went to a wonderful exhibit called Above and Below: Stories from Our Changing Bay It ends February 23rd – that’s like Sunday. One area of the exhibit is about the “below” with a video showing the San Francisco Bay without the water. What I learned about theContinue reading “Walking around the Bay at the Oakland Museum”

More Colgan Creek Walking

Colgan Creek, from Stony Point Rd. to Bellevue Ave. is a short flat walk by some open fields and yards. We like it for the raw Santa Rosa and openness. See Colgan Creek Walking. If you continue along Bellevue, there is almost a walking path. First on the southside and after Elsie Allen High SchoolContinue reading “More Colgan Creek Walking”

Crescent City to Arcata Walking

Well it isn’t one straight walk from Crescent City to Arcata, California. But it is some driving and bits and pieces of walks and parks. Crescent City When along the coast in Washington and Oregon, we saw signs everywhere declaring the Evacuation Route – in case of a tsunami. The signs are probably around, butContinue reading “Crescent City to Arcata Walking”

Oregon Coast: Beaches and Boardwalks, Part I

We’d read about some places along the coast and wanted to see the seaside towns across from Salem and Eugene, Oregon. We were continuing south from our visit to Washington. After a peaceful day in Tillamook, we weren’t prepared for the bustle of Lincoln City nor of Newport. There is a flat wide beach atContinue reading “Oregon Coast: Beaches and Boardwalks, Part I”

‘Round Tillamook

We raced down the coast after Lake Quinault, horrified at Aberdeen, redeemed by South Bend, virtually flew over the Columbia River and caught our breath at Seaside. Seaside Here’s a beach without logs, but with soft sand and people sitting down to picnic and relax. Plenty of room. There is also a boardwalk –  ofContinue reading “‘Round Tillamook”

Walking along the Petaluma River

Behind the restaurants, shops and galleries of downtown Petaluma is a walk along the Petaluma River. Paths are improving but we’ve had to have a sense of exploration to make it work. Previously, we crossed the bridge near the Apple Box at B Street. But then we had to wander around a strip mall toContinue reading “Walking along the Petaluma River”

Introduction to Walking – Three Years Later

So, going forth, I’ll have a fifth. How did I get to that sentence? First, a suggestion to rewrite my first post. Second, a notice of my third anniversary on WordPress. And then the ordinal numbers and puns poured out. My first post was an Introduction to Walking. After three years of blogging many ofContinue reading “Introduction to Walking – Three Years Later”

Walk that I Forgot to Write About – Pt Reyes

Like a dead fish on the beach, somehow after last November’s walk at Pt Reyes, I forgot to write about it. We’ve been to Pt Reyes several times over the last few years and I’d been dying to go again. With Mike (the photographer and editor) working the county fair, thought I’d pick up whatContinue reading “Walk that I Forgot to Write About – Pt Reyes”