State Parks Good News Bad News

California had planned to close 70 state parks effective July 1st. A state committee chose the parks for closure based on the popularity or the iconic status of the park. When asked to share the documents to prove those findings, their response was they had thrown the data out.

Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail

We went off to visit UC Berkeley Art Museum and thought we’d take a walk first. Having lived in Richmond, we’d choose one of our early places  to walk together. Of course, we had different pictures in our heads. Where that was that park? What exit off Hwy 580? We turned off at Bayview Ave.Continue reading “Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail”

Walking at China Camp State Park

We decided to visit some State Parks that are slated to close next summer. One, we visited recently, we thought we’d visited years ago. Mistaken, yet delighted we arrived at another amazing California park. We approached China Camp State Park from the North on N. San Pedro Rd in Marin County. This 1600-acre park isContinue reading “Walking at China Camp State Park”

Walking from Suisun City to Sacramento

Okay, we didn’t walk the whole way, but we stopped for many short walks along the way from Santa Rosa to Sacramento. Suisun City We started on Hwy 12 from home and tried to stay with it as much as we could. We hadn’t known there was a real Suisun City but we found it.Continue reading “Walking from Suisun City to Sacramento”

Yosemite Walking

Sometimes Geology Makes Itself Known We tried to avoid it (geology) and pay attention to seven lanes of wild East Bay traffic, and stay awake across the Big Valley and keep the car on the road around hairpin turns up the foothills to the mountains. However, geology was the basis for a wide flat valleyContinue reading “Yosemite Walking”

Torrey Pines State Reserve and More

Day 3 in San Diego and we were ready for our first real walk. We drove north from Point Loma, San Diego, through perfectly flat places to walk around Mission Bay and up and over the Soledad Mountains to Torrey Pines State Reserve. Many people seemed happy to climb or jog up the hill fromContinue reading “Torrey Pines State Reserve and More”

Walking at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

We spent a day at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, formerly named Wild Animal Park in Escondido, Ca. On a weekday in February it was not too crowded. The cool weather improved animal activity. We walked for a couple of miles on paved or dirt paths with some boardwalks. We wandered around lagoons, through aviariesContinue reading “Walking at San Diego Zoo Safari Park”