Ragle Ranch – Is it park or nature?

Not too far from downtown Sebastopol is a Sonoma County Regional Park. Ragle Ranch provides both a ‘city park’ with sports fields and group picnic areas and a bit of ‘wild nature’ for people to explore. We’re more the bit of ‘wild nature’ people so we started our walk near the Peace Garden. A wideContinue reading “Ragle Ranch – Is it park or nature?”


The Point is – Gualala

Gualala Point has been a frequent walking place for us. This 195-acre Regional Park provides some of the best and longest flat walks in Sonoma County. Monday, June 14, was cooler than the previous two days. Early in the morning it was relatively calm for this often windy spot along the coast. After following the pavedContinue reading “The Point is – Gualala”

Crane Creek Regional – Most Improved Park

I hadn’t been to Crane Creek Regional Park in a number of years. Then it seemed barren and hot with an impossible hill. Mike reminded me the Buckeye trees would be blooming. He had enjoyed walking here when he worked across the road at HP. It is also a great place for hawk watching.

Over the River and Through the (Armstrong) Woods

Update 2014: This post was written in 2010 so things have happened. After a threat to closure in 2012, the park stayed open and improvements have been made. Trails in valley floor are now packed earth (watch for tree roots) and improved (for environment and people.) Steps have been removed so a sturdy wheelchair shouldContinue reading “Over the River and Through the (Armstrong) Woods”

Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast

It was a dark and stormy day. With jazz variations on gray. Yellow wowing us with blooming mustard in green pastures and vineyards. Acacias and broom glow yellow from Anchor Bay north on the Sonoma and Mendocino coast. Whites in Calla lilies and delicate ruffled daffodils. Ocean like green jade when not roaring in whiteContinue reading “Trying to Walk Along a Wet and Wild Coast”