Walking Santa Barbara Waterfront

Last week we had a grand visit to Santa Barbara. The boat harbor was across the street from where we stayed – so we walked near the water every day. We walked the sidewalk next to W. Cabrillo Blvd. lined with tall palms. We walked on the beachside trail – a few feet away fromContinue reading “Walking Santa Barbara Waterfront”


More Oregon Walks: Dunes, Lakes and Darlingtonia

North and south of Florence, Oregon are huge dunes and several lakes – which seem like an odd mix, but there you are. Sutton Creek Overlook About 6 miles north of Florence at the end of Vista Rd off Hwy 101 is the Sutton Creek Overlook. Here, I can appreciate the vastness of the dunes.Continue reading “More Oregon Walks: Dunes, Lakes and Darlingtonia”

Walking to the Heceta Head (Calendar-Icon) Lighthouse

Last year we zipped down the coast of Washington and Oregon, hardly having time to look. This year we decided to spend two days in Florence, a small town on the Siuslaw River at the ocean. North of town (13 mi.) is a gem of a lighthouse, that the fog prevented us from seeing inContinue reading “Walking to the Heceta Head (Calendar-Icon) Lighthouse”

Walking Fern Ridge near Eugene, Oregon

About 12 miles west of Eugene, but given all that we’ve driven, it didn’t seem that far – to Fern Ridge Lake. A reservoir, managed by the US Corps of Engineers (link to basic info) with three county parks for a variety of fun times and some privately run boating marinas. Twenty-three miles long, there’sContinue reading “Walking Fern Ridge near Eugene, Oregon”