Crescent City to Arcata Walking

Well it isn’t one straight walk from Crescent City to Arcata, California. But it is some driving and bits and pieces of walks and parks. Crescent City When along the coast in Washington and Oregon, we saw signs everywhere declaring the Evacuation Route – in case of a tsunami. The signs are probably around, butContinue reading “Crescent City to Arcata Walking”

Walking Whidbey Island

Our destination via ferry from Port Townsend was Whidbey Island. One of many islands in Puget Sound near Seattle. It is 35 miles long, unusually shaped and has a population less than 60 thousand. We were staying with family who had a grand view of the Olympics and the shipping lanes from Seattle, Tacoma andContinue reading “Walking Whidbey Island”

Winery Walks: Bartholomew Park Winery

For short flat walks, wineries can provide beautiful gardens, vistas and charming if sometime kitschy architecture for your viewing pleasure. With sixteen tasting rooms around Sonoma Plaza you could get pretty drunk before ever visiting a winery. Might I suggest first a trip to the gardens near Bartholomew Park Winery. off 7th St. East. YouContinue reading “Winery Walks: Bartholomew Park Winery”

Walking Pt Pinole Past to Present

Once upon a time, Mike and I lived in the East Bay. One of our first walks together was at Pt Pinole. At the time it was a new park on forgotten land jutting into San Pablo Bay. I remember it for squeaky eucalyptus trees. That trail is now closed due to falling limbs.

Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom

Through the magic of the Internet our Sonoma County walking site – that does travel on vacation – gets lots of hits for Redding, Whiskeytown and Oak Bottom in Northern California. We haven’t been able to visit recently, but we’re happy to help people find their way around.

Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail

We went off to visit UC Berkeley Art Museum and thought we’d take a walk first. Having lived in Richmond, we’d choose one of our early places  to walk together. Of course, we had different pictures in our heads. Where that was that park? What exit off Hwy 580? We turned off at Bayview Ave.Continue reading “Walking at Pt Isabel and more Bay Trail”

Walking the Skyline Wilderness

Skyline Wilderness Park was recently featured in a Bay Nature article. It didn’t sound very flat, but there were reasons we decided to try the place. Given that the state is cutting loose 70 parks – we thought we’d look at a place the state gave up in 1979. The State of California didn’t needContinue reading “Walking the Skyline Wilderness”

The Flattest Walk in Sonoma

Just north of Sonoma Plaza, away from the bustle of shopping and dining tourists is a quiet park. A paved path for a 3-mile round trip walk goes through Depot Park. It also runs through history and behind modern backyards. We picked up the trail by the museum (and gift shop) and headed east. ForContinue reading “The Flattest Walk in Sonoma”